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Soon Ready!!!!


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Can't wait Kasey.... I will be your first customer... Joel B-day was yesterday, so we will celebrate there. Vodka martini for me and a good red wine for Joel.... none of that cheap stull...just top of the line.

Get that bartending book ready, I can help bartend if you don't know who to make a drink. :D Iam sure you will have plemty of customers. Also for our people who don't drink, make sure you have plenty of sodas, juice and of course bottled watered or just smoothies without the liquor.

See ya there, I hope it is packed with our members.

Bottoms Up...

Maryanne & Joel.

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Kasey and Fred you are awesome...

If "memory" drinks do happen....

I would like there to be Guinness on tap in Memory of my Daddy.... That is what he asked for in the hospital right before he passed - and we honored his wishes and with what little strength he had left, he lifted his can and made a beautiful toast to his family - Those are precious memories. We can call it "Brosnan's Brew"..... He would have liked that!

Love, Sharon

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I've missed the Pub! As long as you have colorful umbrellas for my fruity rum drinks, I'm in.

Thanks so much for opening the place back up. We need a place to celebrate! I think we need some live "entertainment"--I know we have plenty of comedians here--I'll bring the karaoke machine.

:) Kelly

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As an old "regular" I'd like to order my usual........I think I'll start with a Vodka and Mountain Dew :wink: (just for old times sake - don't drink it too much any more, changed to Scotch) and then after a bite to eat :lol: - I'm cooking burgers if anyone is interested - I think I'll move on to Bailey's.

Nice night cap to give me a dousey of a head in the morning - if not before :shock::shock::lol::lol:

Thanks K and F for reviving our pub, line up all the favorites of our departed friends and we'll toast their memories.


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