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Gemzar and Radiation


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We got the news today. Bill will start on Gemzar on Friday, once a week for three weeks then off one week.

We saw the Radiation Onc today and it looks like he'll also be getting radiation as well. He may be getting radiation to his T12 spine, his sacrum, left hip joint, left humerus and possibly neck lymph nodes. He'll get mapped tomorrow via CT and most likely start right away. Don't know yet how many days.

Anyone out there had a regimen like this? By the way, this is for recurrent SCLC. He was on Topotecan since March, on and off and it didn't work.

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Hi Laurie,

I don't have any info for you on all the radiation and chemo, but I'm hoping and praying for you that the Gemzar does the trick. As long as there is a new game plan, there is always a new hope for things to turn around. And I think the fact that they're combining the chemo and radiation is a good thing.

Stay strong,

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Today we saw the Radiation Onc and he said he is surprised Bill is not paralyzed because the destruction of the T12 met is pressing on his spinal cord. Great, just what we wanted to hear. He still doesn't have hardly any pain. Will start on Radiation to his spine, pelvis, both femurs and left humerus. Not sure if he's going to zap the neck lymph nodes.

So then we go to chemo and while he's getting infused the pharmacy tech hands me the Consumer Drug Information sheet. It clearly reads:

Do NOT use Gemzar if:

You are receiving radiation therapy

Now What? I've got word in to the Dr and I sure hope I hear something very soon.

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I just found out that most of the Consumer Drug Information sheets have that in them to cover there "you know what's." I've been told that Bill's counts will be watched very closely so as not to do any harm to him.

I feel better. I guess I see and know just enough to be dangerous. I need to let the Dr do his thing.

Whew!! Maybe I should just go back to bed and try to sleep.

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I'm late! (Every time it rains lately, my phone goes out. I'm still on dial-up, so I end up with no Internet!)

Anyway, good grief! Poor Bill....

Thank the Lord he's not in pain, and I'm glad you asked about the chemo drug with the radiation. That's scary.

Please know that I'm saying loads of prayers for you guys.



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