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Anyone else had this on a death certificate?


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I don't know that this qualifies as a "grief" topic, but it's definitely for those who have lost someone to lung cancer.

When I received Bill's death certificates, his own doctor had put the cause of death as "bone cancer." At first, I was still too preoccupied to look at the small print and I made some excuse about why he must have done that. But yesterday I took it back to the mortuary to have them do an amendment, which of course, means sending it back to the doctor.

In my view, this is a family document that our grand children will be learning something from, etc. It must be accurate.

Our doctor did tell me that he believed the cancer was in Bill's bone marrow, but there was never a test to determine that. He determined it by his anemia.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Earl's death certificate said lung cancer, but it I remember correctly, (always iffy) I told the mortician what the cause of death was.

But I agree that it should be correct. They may find a familial link to lc someday and Bill's children and grandchildren should know their medical history.

I hope you are doing well.

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His doctor definitely doesn't think it was another primary cancer. I think he was just in a hurry, which gives me just one more reason to be annoyed with him (trust me, I have a few). All of the responses I've received thus far just confirm that for me. It's definitely going to be changed.

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DEbs said Metastasic Lung Cancer as cause of death. Still wonder if that was all due to nature of another antibiotic that killed others down in Charlotte days earlier though. Oh well......

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Mom's said LC. I thought it was very odd (and I was offended) b/c there is a section on OK death certificates that asks, "Was the death caused by smoking/tobacco use?" Mom's was marked "Yes". I hope that answer came from her dr., and not just an assumption. I was also surprised that they wanted to know her highest level of education completed. Does that explain her death in any way?

My brother said that this is all for statistical info, but it still seemed unnecessary to me.


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My grandfather died of prostate cancer that returned with a vengence ten years after his "all clear". He went in for a hip replacement and it was discovered that the cancer was entrenched in the bones. Soon after, it spread up...

His death certificate stated "prostate cancer".

I wonder, in Oklahoma, if you're crossing the street to buy a pack of cigarettes and get hit by a beer truck, if that box is checked.... :?

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My mom's death cert stated cause of death as lung cancer, but the box next to "Was this death related to smoking?" was checked "probably" even though her onc had told her that her prior remote history of smoking probably did NOT cause the lung ca. So, somewhere, she's a statistic in the incorrect column. But my brothers and I have not bothered to change it.

Frustrating, isn't it? Like you don't have enough to deal with?


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they may use the college info for statistical purposes... it is on my husbands too... but even on

my birth certificate it asked my parents professions...and that was 44 years ago almost...

his death cert. also has my husbands profession etc...

but his reason was listed as

"metastatic lung cancer"

that really is an important document..it needs to be right... the mortuary said every thing was important to be correct when they had me check that info...

that comment about the cigarettes reminded me of a question on the request for his life insurance...

they asked that too... and it was a standard question...like no matter how they died they wanted to know if he used tobacco products in the last 3 years....

I thought that was odd to ask..

and I thought...what diff does it make now? this insurance was b/c of work and it was automatic and there were no qualifiers or med exams for it....

they should have asked that before....

but someone said it might be just for statistics....so they can do their rates in the future etc etc.....??

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