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Life is so precious


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I had an experience yesterday I felt like sharing...

My husband Mark went into the hospital for surgery on his deviated septum and to get his tonsils out. He did very well, but the doctor sent to him to the ICU for one night just for observation b/c of the risk of bleeding. It was not the same hospital my mom was in, but walking into that ICU made my blood run cold. Room after room of very sick people on vents, etc. But I was okay, or so I thought.

I went into the waiting room to make a call, and it was filled with people. At least 20 of them. Older, middle-aged, teenaged and a baby here and there. A family, I assumed. And I noticed there were several young twenty-somethings wandering in and out of the waiting room. I came back from making a call and the crowd had dramatically increased, with young guys and girls. Many of them were crying and hugging, and they all took turns filing in and out of the room next to ours, the girls each carrying a red rose. I thought uh-oh, something really bad is going on and I just felt ill. I quietly asked our nurse if it was a kid, and she said it was a 24-year-old guy. (I had noticed him briefly when I walked by, unconscious and on a respirator). I thought, oh gosh, cancer, or car accident. I was tearful the whole way home, it was a very difficult scene to witness. He must have passed away right after I went home for the night, b/c Mark said he heard sudden wailing from next door.

This morning I noticed a new person in the guy’s bed and I quietly asked the desk person if he had passed away and she said yes, then I (probably inappropriately) asked what happened. She said “bee sting”. The doctor standing there said yes, severe allergic reaction. I just stood there in shock with tears in my eyes. It did not make sense to me. What about his parents, who cared for him and protected him (possibly from a known allergy) for so long, and then poof, he's gone from a bee sting? Not that a car accident or disease would have been less tragic, but I just found this so...I don't know. He was so, SO young and so much to look forward to in his life, and such a routine thing to most people just took it all away from him.

I don't know, it kind of put things in perspective for me a little bit? Maybe just for today, though, who knows. I did also think that my mom was probably standing at the door of Heaven with a smile and a big plate of her famous M&M cookies for him, saying "Come on in, sweetie..." She loved her sons and grandsons so tenderly, even when they became strapping young men like this guy was. :wink:

I came home and hugged my kids today, that's for sure. I didn't even tell my sister, who has three boys ranging from 18-23. That's all I could think about...

Thanks for listening....

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I'm sorry everyone, I know this post was a downer and maybe I was kind of selfish in posting it. I guess I just felt for the parents and what they are going through, the grief, and knew you guys would understand how I felt watching all of that unfold.

I think I was also very emotional sitting in the ICU holding my helpless husband's hand, wondering if someday I would be doing this for him when he was faced with a life threatening illness. It brought my mom's ordeal back with a vengeance. I guess the drama unfolding that night was just the icing on the cake of a long day...


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Hi Michele,

You have nothing to appologize about. We are not just about LC but anything anybody wants to talk about.

But how so very very tragic. Again its one of those times where you realize how precious life is and we take so much of it for granted. It's always some tragedy that hits you right in heart... How lucky we are to wake up and see the sunshine and smell the flowers.

How sad for this young mans family and friends. Sometimes life just is not fair!


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