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Scan time for my mom, the lioness....(results 8/7)


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Monday is scan day for my mom :) We call her a lioness with all the lives she seems to have ;)

I can tell she is a bit nervous b/c she is in love with her new grandbabies. We see the oncologists Aug 15 and will get the results then unless my dad or I stalk/call the physician assistant sooner for results ;)

PS--I am also getting a scan on Monday with my mom to follow up on my colon lipoma. Hate scans, always worry what else they will find ;) My ex-boyfriend said last week: "No wonder you have a colon mass, you were always a pain in the _ss.". I said haha! :)

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Andrea, I am Ginny-come-lately on so many areas with you.

1. I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled about the babies. I only got to grow one additional heart at a time but lucky you and Brian and your parents got to grow two all at one time.

2. I can understand why your Mother is more anxious this time. She has way too much spoiling to do.

I wish you both only good news.

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The oncologist physician assistant called my mom--she is clear!

I read my preliminary report today when I saw my fertility dr for my bi-annual ovary scan. Everything looked good per report. My colon lipoma did grow from 5.4cm to 6cm. I havent yet heard from the surgeon on what he wants to do. My guess is re-scan next year.

Thanks for the good thoughts!!!

I told the twins they need to open an imaging center when they grow up where scan results are IMMEDIATE :)

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