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There was a knock on the door and the man of the house went to answer. Outside he found 3 men. While questioning them he found out that they were. Health, Wealth and Love. Thinking of his good fortune he asked them to follow him back into his house and meet his family.

All three refused to enter his house. They told him that he could not have all three. He would have to choose one. He asked for and gained permission to get help from his wife and daughter to make such an important decision.

He told his wife and daughter that he was leaning toward Wealth. His wife told him that she thought he should choose Health for what good is Wealth if you don't have your Health. His daughter told them they were both wrong that Love was the most important of all. After several minutes of discusion they all finally agree that He would choose Love.

He walked back outside and announced his decision. When he finished talking Love followed him into his house but then he noticed that Health and Wealth were also following him inside. When he questioned them he was told. " Had you chosen Wealth or Health the 2 that you didn't choose would not enter your hom. You chose love and you need Love to have Health and Wealth. With Love all things are possible."

Who would you have chosen Wealth, Health or Love?

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