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Well this is it.....


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Tomorrow is the day.

We head out of here sometime tomorrow moring. There is this nice little "50"s theme restaurant in Worthington, MN - if is still there....Probably will stop there for lunch.

My heart is beating with anticpation, some dread, but an AWFUL lot of HOPE. Hope that these doctors are being lead by God's presence and Hand.

I just want a doctor that says "You have beaten the odds. Let's try "this" and see if you can beat the odds again.

As far as prognosis's go...I just want to hear...You have a condition that will need constant monitoring and periodic treatment. It will not be fun....But only the good Lord knows how long you have on this life.

My prayer would be "Lord God in your mercy be merciful to me and Mike. You have restored him to me emotionally in 1976 and you restored him spiritually to me in 1987 and now I would humbly ask you restore Mike phyiscally to me.

Mike has not EVER been a patient person. Nor has he been a "glass half full" type of personality. Somehow throught the grace of God and the fear of my WRATH, he has been uncomplaining, positive, patient and more than kind. This in an of itself is a miracle. Mike is a better man for having had cancer.

I can only say I wish I have responded in as much growth as this dear, sweet, strong man.

Love and hugs ,

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Remember we here on the board in the twin cities are waving a welcome to you as you pass south of us heading to Mayo . We are all anxious to hear how your appointments went and what the news is. Hope you get back to us soon with great news. :D:D:D

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