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It's been a year


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Hi everyone,

I have been lurking around but haven't posted.

Today is the anniversary of the day my life changed forever :cry: . We brought my husband Gianni to emergancy due to confusion. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. As some of you know we had almost nine months together. I still can't believe this happened!!!

In the last few weeks this day has been on my mind because the nightmare began on this day. So today my daughter and I went and got a back massage-the lady said I was just a bit stressed!!

My kids, mom, and I are going to the cemetery to see the stone-it was delivered this week. And we are all going out to eat.

I'm doing ok. I was really busy the first two months. Things are settling down now. It's still hard and I miss Gianni every day. I volunteer at my old school and my friend's school two days a week.

Thanks for letting me rattle on.


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It was so good to hear from you. I lost Tim October 12th...we had 10 months after his diagnosis. Your post made me believe that I will go on...and I WILL miss him for the rest of my life. But I plan on volunteering on the cancer floor at the hospital (taking a month before I go back), my niece and her husband and their 3 beautiful girls, Christina, Taylor and Courtney are back in my life after 9 years and Aunt Kathy is intending to spoil them rotten. I go back to work Monday. It still feels so strange that one day he was here and the next he was gone. But I feel his presence and it is so comforting...

Please keep in touch.....


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