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To clear up some confusion...

I was emailed and asked to explain about the PUB as there are so many new members who are wondering what we are talking about. A PUB What PUB??

We needed a place to call our own to have a drink or a cup of java etc. A place to go for good news, to vent or unfortunately, for news that was not so good.

So the first LCHELP Virtually bar was born...One of our members Cindi, volunteered to be the virtual PUB owner and was excellent at being the bartender/hostess. It was called Cindi's Pub. The PUB was open for a couple of years and was very successful!

Cindi has not been on here for awhile as she does no longer has access to a computer but she is doing well. If she ever comes back and wants that responsibility again, Kasey said the PUB will always be hers. Meanwhile, Kasey and Fred will babysit it.

Anyway, we needed our tradition to continue, so since Kasey and Fred brought it up, it was unanimous that they take over the duties.

SO COME ONE COME ALL TO KASEY'S PUB. Fred will make sure nothing will get out of hand. He will keep us safe and will be a designated driver if needed. :roll: HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE PUB THIS WEEK-ENDS OPENING! :mrgreen:

Bring your good news, your sorrows and just chill and forget for awhile and enjoy each other's company.

For those of you who remember, Frank and his Bud light and his chocolate Donuts will be sadly missed. I will bring the donuts in his honor. We will keep Frank's chair empty always in his honor. Miss you buddy :cry:

Hope this clears up any confusion.

Our first toast will go to Katie and Rick is the matriarchs of this family.

See ya there.


Maryanne :wink:

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I don't know if I qualify as "new," but if I don't know how the Pub works, then I guess I qualify. So now I know who used to run it, and who will run it now, but still don't know how to get there from here. Is it a chat thing, or a rapid-fire discussion thread thing, or something else?


Still Confused, My New Normal

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Dear Confused,

(Sorry I just wanted to see what it felt like to be Ann Landers) It will be a thread or several threads. For example, if someone posts good news, the pub may be opened to celebrate and everyone will post what they are drinking and wish the person well. Or..someone may post something and say they are buying drinks at the pub, etc. Sort of like the threads announcing the opening that are on with people saying what they will bring.

One time I had to explain a hall pass to someone from the UK...that was about as hard as explaining this pub. :lol:

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Thanks for posting this and I was thrilled to read that Cindi's absence is due to a computer problem and that she is doing well. When you talk to her next will you please tell her to call me???? I've been sooooo worried about her. If she lost my numbers I would be happy to PM them to you to pass along. Thanks again for posting, you don't know how much relief this post provided me!

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Cheers to the grand reopening!!

I will have my usual ice tea, NOT the long island ones tho-tried that once and had a headache the next day.

Tho I had a white russian at the Chicago Bash (well maybe 3 or 4) and those were pretty good.


Glad to hear Cindi is well.

Hope she comes back soon


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Well "Duh Me".... When I saw the post about it on the other forum, I thought you guys were actually opening a Pub, and I was going to wish you luck in your new business venture.... :oops:

I'll see if I can figure out how to get there now!! :)


Take care,


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The good thing about this vertual pub is you can order and drink all you want, never get a hang over, never get arrested for drunk driving, and still share fun with our friends here at lchelp.org.


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Uh, oh - Kasey & Fred are minding the Pub??? Oh - we are in trouble!! :wink::lol:

Well, this round is for Cindi - I miss her so, but I am SO glad she is well. No one can serpentine like Cindi... :wink:8) Hope to "see" ya soon, buddy!!

I'll have a bucket of well-chilled Corona's. I'm counting on Reece joining me for a couple, just so he can see what the Pub is all about. Whatd'ya say, Reece? Here's to HOPE!!! Health, and NED!!!

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Am I too late??.....or too early?? Just thought I'd drop in for coffee, I can't sleep. Just with a little cream would be ok. I've been tossin' and turnin' most of the night.

Where's the bartender? I have a story.

It seems that Bill has had blurry vision in his right eye now for about a week. He thinks it's maybe a cataract, I think, well you probably know what I think. I have this unbelievable imagination and of course it's really something at night, when the lights are out and all you can do is lay there and think. We did have two days, last week, while driving to the Cancer Center for radiation that he missed his turn. I asked where are we going? and he just said he gets forgetful and his brain doesn't work like it used to. So we turn around and turn on the right road and it's all forgotten that we didn't turn in the first place.

You know, if he didn't have that PCI last November I wouldn't have any doubt, but with PCI I thought that would/should take care of any micro mets. You see, I'm just rambling now but that's me, a rambler.

Could I get another cup please? Just a little cream. Maybe it's just a dream, but no, I'm definitely up. I guess it's standard practice to always be looking for something when cancer is the diagnosis, especially this small cell crap. I think about those tiny cells growing and growing all the time.

Bill feels pretty good. He cut the grass yesterday, on the lawn tractor, but non the less, cut the grass in the HOT Florida sun. He does not complain, ever. He says he doesn't like to tell me anything about what he's feeling, because I go and tell everybody. Well, how can I not? I can't keep this in. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have all you here to unload on.

Bill's a very tough guy. Not just physically, but mentally. He knows what he's dealing with and just takes what he gets. He doesn't or won't hope it's going to get better. He doesn't want me talking "hope." It's all about reality with him (although he hates most reality shows, says there not real)

So, I guess I need to finish up here and start thinking about getting ready for church. Sometimes I talk myself out of going but God knows when I need an extra push out the door. Today I need that extra push. Anyway there's a new Dunkin Donut that just opened up down the street and I'll get another cup on the way.

See ya.

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Laurie.................I hope the coffee wasn't too strong! And it goes without saying that what is said in the Pub remains there. The Pub IS the place to come on those nights when you can't get to sleep. I believe I remember spending a night or two in Cindi's (prior owner) myself. So we are ALWAYS open.

Sorry about all those 'issues' that you have on your mind. It is so hard not to put a cancer name on everything, isn't it? Just know that, even though Bill chooses to talk reality over hope, that HERE HOPE wins out every time!!!!

Hope you got to church and aren't too tired today. See you again, Laurie, ANY time at all!

Kasey (The Management)

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Just got back from church and I did have a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee on the way in. My favorite, by the way.


It always amazes me that the night time can be so dark and seemingly dangerous and in the morning the sun comes up and all is well.

Church was great. The message was PERFECT, as it usually is. God knows what I need and he's giving it to me every day.

Thanks to ALL for listening.

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Laurie, You were posting at 3 am.... That made me so sad..... :(

I wish you could move across the street from me, (instead of an hour away!), and that way we could signal each other with our 3 am wake up calls, and share coffee together in our "jammies"!! :shock:

(I live out in the country-no one would notice, except the possums and raccoons!) :wink:

I'm sorry your worries kept you from sleeping. It's hard sometimes.....

I'm glad you felt better after your Church service though!



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