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I think I'm ready


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I have been in therapy since June 2001, 2 months after my surgery. As this was my third cancer in 8 years, I knew in my heart that I needed help.

And help I got. Many, many sessions were spent in tears, mainly to deal with the fear of the disease. I learned to share my soul with those close to me.

Through the 6 years I learned how to deal with traumas, whether cancer related or teenager related :roll:

I learned how to build a support network around me, and when conflicts occured, usually in my head, I was able to work through the ordeal rather than bury it.

I learned to "compartmentalize".

I used to wonder if/when I would ever be able to exist with the help of the therapist. I know now I have the tools to handle the stressors that occur in that thing called life.

Dealing with a :roll: teenager/college student :roll: who seemed to attract trouble, and losing my Jake dog :cry: have not been easy, but I no longer withdraw and hide.

Therapy has been an integral part of my recovery. I am ready to be released and will carry these tools with me.


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Congratulations, Gail!!! Good for you that you sought the help you needed and are now ready to 'spread your wings' solo!

You are just amazing coming through the adversity that you have and still reach out to thse who need it. Thanks for being part of 'us' here.


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That is wonderful Gail, we all take different paths to deal with things and it sounds as though you have found yours. Teenagers that another whole different subject. My son of 25 is just now finding out what life is about and responsiblity, heck by 21 my husband and I were paying a mortgage and had our first child. Boy kids are different today. And I dont believe its how they were raised it their piers that they hang with who think they know everything and dont know swat and it rubs off on our kids. My daughter who is 18 is the most responsible Ive ever seen for a girl. I was blessed with them not being into the drug scene, and neither of them smoke. My son drinks on occassion but not my daughter. Keep in touch.

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Why, why do people resist therapy and/or drugs for feelings they have? Why, even, do people (in most cases) resist pain medication when it is obvously needed?

I'm pretty sure there isn't a table set up outside of heaven's gates where they are handing out trophies to the people who "toughed it out" and took the least amount of medication or who never "had" to see a therapist.

I had severe post-partum depression with my children ... not so badly with the first, but severe with the second. At first, I resisted drugs ... I could "do it on my own". Then I realized, what the #*@% for??? Did it mean I was weak if I needed medicine and therapy? Who cares!!!! In my mind, I owed it to my children and husband to try to get better as quickly as I could with whatever resources available to me. Just recently, I had the feelings again ... most likely with my mom's situation and hormones (the ol' menopause). I called my doctor and got back on something IMMEDIATELY. Again, I'm better functioning for myself and all those around me.

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Sounds like you're doing well and are ready to face what ever comes your way.

No one should feel bad for seeking help, Ive been in and out of therapy for a few years now and I have to say it helped me a great deal.

Good luck to you and as far as the teen years? I raised three boys, need I say more? :shock:

They range in age from 22 to 34 and are the light of my life :)

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There IS a light and it's beautiful.

Two of my boys are happily married, one has a son and one had a daughter...Finally a girl!! :D Can you guess who is spoiled rotten and quite the Gramma's girl? :wink:

It was a rough few years there during the teen times and I have the gray hair to prove it :roll:

Thank God he gave me my easiest last when I was tired and the most difficult when I was young enough to keep up but I have to say I wouldn't trade any of them for anything....They are really good guys and I'm very proud of all three of them


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