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Any radiation pro's around?


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Hi all,

We may be looking at palliative radiation for an artery in the mediastinum that is encased in a tumor. (I'd love to hear info from anyone who has gone through this type of treatment.)

I've found several places in our area that have the following:


Varian Trilogy with On-Board Imaging(OBI)& Cone Beam CT


Some of these sound like they do the same things, just different brand names. What is the best gizmo for this tricky type of radiation?

Maybe use of any of the above is moot due to breathing motion.

Thanks in advance for helping me clarify this stuff.


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Carlton had IMRT the 2nd time his brain mets came back. From what I remember IMRT is from what I remember a more "precise" type of rad., at least with Carlton, first there had to be mapping done on the computer, he had an entire program for him, he also got tatooed, he went everyday for 5 weeks, his treatments were 30 mins each time, it was a slow and precise process. since his were brain mets, he had a mask made for him,he had to lie still, I guess it was the bringing together the computer and rad.

sorry I wish I had more info.


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Has the rad. onc. looked at the possibility of brachytherapy? It can really zap tumors that are in or near the bronchial tubes. It did a great job on 2 tumors that Charlie had growing in or next to his bronchial tubes. That was about 8 months before he died. Praying for you'll. MIRACLES CAN AND DO HAPPEN!! Take care.

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Hi Wealthy,

As you know Alan is the radiation pro. Alan had IMRT

on his brain met. IMRT can direct percise beams doing

much less damage to healthy cells. As you know Alan

had great success with IMRT. I do not know much

about the other radiation treatments you mentioned.

I will keep you both in my prayers that the treatment zaps the crap out of the tumor.

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Cyberknife is the most accurate form of radiation. It accounts for breathing motion. After ck the next most accurate are the various flavors of IMRT. Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) is about the same as Tomotherapy for accuracy. CK has sub-millimeter accuracy and image guided IMRT systems have accuracy with a few millimeters. You should explain you situation to the radiation oncologists at the ck website. They can give you the rundown on the various IMRT systems and ck. I am not sure if they would recommend ck or not.


Don M

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