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Hypodensities on Liver

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Hi all,

Next Thursday, my dad has his first CAT scan since starting chemo. In a fit of scanxiety, I decided to read his full diagnostic report for the first time. I never had read it before because I thought it would be too upsetting.

Well, I was right...for the first time, I saw that the report said that when he was initially diagnosed, they found "hypodensities on the liver" too small to be picked up by a PET scan. What does that mean exactly? That the cancer had already spread to the liver? Did anyone else have this? Was it resolved by the chemo?

In my effort to prepare myself, I think I may have scared myself again.

Thanks for your help,


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Hey Leslie!

STOP reading reports you don't know how to interpreet :lol::lol::lol: ! I only offer that as support. Too many times I've done something similar and I know I have absolutely NO idea how to interpret things. All it did was increase my anxiety level.

I don't know what that means on the report. I hope it isn't as bad as what you think it may be. But give yourself a break, and just don't go places where you will find yourself more stressed than what need be. Now I am not one to stick my head in the sand either. If you read my profile, you will see I was very PROACTIVE. But sometimes we do ourselves more harm than good trying to get a jump on things we know not much about.

Remember, we love you here, and I just don't want to see you all worked up if there is no need.



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I second and third what Kasey has just said about reading reports you don't understand.

I sometimes THINK I have a degree as an Oncologist, only because I've been a survivor for 12 years, :roll::oops::wink: but truth be known, I don't. teeheeteehee.

You could go and ask Our Dr. West this question. I think he would give you the answer your looking for and I KNOW HE KNOWS what he's talking about. :wink:

You can't believe how many of us have read into reports something that turned out to be NOTHING! :shock::roll::wink: Some of us have learned the hard way. When in doubt, ALWAYS ASK THE DOCTOR!

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Leslie and Adrian,

Thinking about you guys today and hoping for a good scan tomorrow for your Dad.

Don't worry about reading reports, I do it all the time. I figure if it is something important, the Doc would have mentioned it. (I'm not a real Doctor, I just play one at home! :lol:) Google and I have become heavy duty partners in ferreting out all the minutia of the reports. Arming myself with information makes me feel I have some small amount of participation in an out-of-control situation. (Being the control freak that I am, of course!)

My best to you always,


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thanks Welthy. Last night my dad had throbbing pain across his chest that last for a while and subsided somewhat when he sat up. Apparently he has been having minor versions of this for a while. Maybe its bad heartburn...but obviously could be blood clots from the avastin or could be decadron related, either way, he's going to the onc today.

im scared today.

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