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Another game...old songs from TV shows


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Here's one for you... do you remember any of the jingles from old shows? It could just be a line or two then you would have to guess which show, then you do one.

I did one in the other old show forum from Ann on Mr Ed....

I will start one.

Out of the night when the full moon was bright comes a horseman known as________

Anyone else?

PS...If your too young to know the old shows :roll: you can do recent ones that aren't on the telly anymore.

Maryanne :wink:

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"Here he comes to save the day"

Mighty Mouse? (or Underdog?)

"The ship set sail for the shore of the uncharted desert Isle, with ********, The Skipper too.. the Millionaire, and his wife.

The moooo-vie star, the Professor and Mary Anne, Here on "********* ******" :) "

(I'm unsure about some of those lyrics!) :oops:

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