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New to this community!!


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Hello. I'm new to this site,however have found it very helpful for the short time I've been here.I was dx with nsclc stage IV in Feb 2007. I have been through 6 taxol/carbo treatments with 4 treatments of Avastin. I feel I have done very well. My left lung(for which I was staged) is clear!! Radiologist says he thinks I have some scar tissue left over. (Forgot to mention I had 51% of left lung removed,and a pericardial window put in for fluid around my heart). My pet scan showed some activity on right lung but radiologist thinks it's a benign granuloma. The area around it is inflamed but the radiologist is not concerned this is cancer. However, I have 2 very small spots in my liver that have been there the whole time. Sometimes they show up on CT sometimes they don't. They did vaguely light up on PET. My oncolgist recommended RFA but the radiologist said at this point he can not do this procedure b/c they are too small. The largest is 2mm. I will see my oncologist again in 2 months. In the meanwhile I worry that they grow rapidly. Also how do we know for sure that the scar tissue and granuloma are not truly cancer?I know that I should have full trust in my Docs but you still worry. I am 29 years old with 2 children and a wonderful husband that need me here with them. I still sometimes run a low grade fever and just feel blah. I'm having an upper GI done Wednesday due to some esophageal problems I've had since chemo,but my ears and neck hurt as well. PET does not show anything bad in this area thank GOD. I've finished a Z-PAK thinking maybe it's a sinus inf but still feel blah.Just wondering if anyone has similar symptoms, or if I'm just worrying to much. Thanks-KHTM

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I can't answer your questions but I can tell you that even with lung cancer you can get sick from other things. Try to think positive thoughts. Best of luck with your GI test and hopefully they will find it is GERDS or something else that medicine can reverse.

Just wanted to say welcome to the site.


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Hi, KHTM, welcome to the community!

I agree, you've done very well, very well indeed! With all you've been through the past 5 or so months, it would be surprising if you DIDN'T have a few unexplained things going on here and there. The taxol/carbo combination is very aggressive chemo, and in addition to having side effects of its own, lowers the body's resistance enough to allow long-dormant conditions unrelated to the cancer to erupt with little warning. I'll spare you my stasis dermatitis story. :shock:

A third factor is the Avastin, which I've been on for 10 months (concurrent with taxol/carbo for 4 months, and by itself for 6 months so far). Avastin fights cancer by choking off the blood supply to newly forming tumor tissue, but there's an apparently unavoidable spillover effect which interferes with the formation of GOOD new tissue, resulting in slow healing throughout the body. So I'm thinking that might have a bearing on your esophagus problems, which I believe you said started while you were on the taxol/carbo. That chemo combination certainly did a number on my entire GI tract, a fairly common situation from what I hear, and I'm still not completely recovered from those effects although I finished the taxol/carbo in late January. But the Avastin seems to be doing what it's supposed to be doing, and I haven't noticed any problems with it other than the slow healing, so I'm not complaining!

When our mainland friends start waking up you should get some answers to your other questions.



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Hi and welcome here.

It seems like you are doing remarkably well. You will get some feedback from people who have gone through your type of treatment. I know every little thing that happens to your body makes you thinks it the LC again. Not always true, its our fear that is our worse enemy. Most of the time its just stuff.

I don't think 2 months is long to wait for your next diagnosis, it would not grow that fast if it was to come back. Relax and have confidence in your docs.

Please fill out a profile to appear at the end of your post so we could undertand what you were staged at have and what your treatment was. It seems you have been through much with your lungs.

We are always here for you 24/7, you are never alone here.

Maryanne :wink:

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I'm happy to hear you've responded to treatment so well. I'm not real good at the watch and see approach either. Maybe now would be a good time for a second opinion? I'm 31 with 2 young children also. There are several young people on here with advanced LC. Keep being strong and positive. Take care.


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Welcome to the board. You may want to consider getting a second opinion to make sure you are covering all the bases. I would also ask your doctor for a referral to a good internal medicine or infection control doctor to check in to the fevers you are having. Keep us posted on how you are doing.


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Thank you all for such positive support!! You've all given me such great advice. It's nice to know I am not alone with all these questions. I would love for us all to not have to post here,but nice to know there's help if we need it. Thanks again KHTM

Also how do you create a profile?? I tried to write my history in the signature part but maybe wrong place??? :?

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I would not be concerned with the scar tissue. If it did not show on the PET scan then there is good reason to believe that it is scar tissue. The 2mm on the liver may be too small for a biopsy. I have a couple of new spots that they are treating with Carboplatin and Taxol. They don't know for sure if it is cancer and won't without a biopsy. You can have trust in your Docs and still question them. If you have too many questions that you don’t like the answers to, then you may want to consider a second opinion. How many more chemo treatments do they plan to do? After the chemo things may get a lot better. If you could do your profile it would help us a lot to know more about your treatment. Keep us posted.

Stay positive, :)


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