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How soon do we need to start treatment?


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Char was sent home Monday after chest tube was removed. Today is Tuesday and we have still no PET scan or plan for attack. Is this foot dragging by our Oncology team? Just wondering. I will try and keep my profile current and only hope they will return our calls. I know that they have to notify the insurance company about the pet scan but it seems like we already know it is andeocarcinoma and should already have a plan of attack in place. Am I being to impatient?

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it looks like you are following about the same timeline my father has minus the chest surgery.

we had started our process with a a regular GP about a week an a half before my journal starts below.

take into consideration that they may want to wait just a little bit because having surgery and having that wound then starting chemo wipes out the immune system making possibity of infection greater. so they may wait a little bit. so as not to knock Char down more than she is now

all these tests and things drive you nuts with the waiting waiting waiting...

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