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Am I being to impatient?

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Char was sent home Monday after chest tube was removed. Today is Tuesday and we have still no PET scan or plan for attack. Is this foot dragging by our Oncology team? Just wondering. I will try and keep my profile current and only hope they will return our calls. I know that they have to notify the insurance company about the pet scan but it seems like we already know it is andeocarcinoma and should already have a plan of attack in place. Am I being to impatient?

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Welcome to the community Mikee. I'm so very sorry you had a reason to find us. It took about three weeks of tests before my husband had a VAT's wedge-section for diagnostic purposes. I think your timetable is reasonable, as they knew it was adeno from the thoracentesis/pleurdesis procedure. After my husband's surgery, he began chemo within two weeks.

I know how hard it is to wait. You feel like you want to begin attacking this beast as fast as possible. I'm not sure why they can't do a PET after she starts chemo, but they must have a reason. Maybe they want her to re-coup a bit before starting.

God bless you and Char. We are here for support anytime you need us.



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Mikee--I din't think the wait is unusual. My mom was dx the 5th of January and didn't begin chemo until Mid February. She did have three weeks of radiation right after dx but then they wanted to wait 3 weeks before starting chemo.

It's a tough time--you want to start fighting the disease, but it takes a little while for the Drs to decide on the best course. It's ok.


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