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The New Doctor


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Well, I saw my new doctor today. This guy is Director of Pulmonary Medicine at a huge cancer and research hospital in the area- So the guy's really good, and I'm not really used to good.

The hospital is huge, its' like this giant metropolis that crawls over I don't know how many blocks and resembles a city. I was expecting to see hovercrafts above and the Jetsons waving at me. I mean, I'm in the big time now. And I'm nervous as hell because if there is anythign to find, these people will find it.

Long story short, I have to go for a CT in September, this was just a 'get acquainted' appointment. One thing that came up that I found interesting - I have been walking around for 4 years saying that they took out 17 lymph nodes and all were negative. Well, new Doctor drew me a picture (thankfully he chose medicine and not art as a career) and it appears that the lymph nodes that were taken were all close to where the lung was removed (at least he read my file). He pointed to these dots somewhere in the middle of my chest and said that he would have taken some lymph nodes that were further away also. He said that there is a 1 in 6 chance that the cancer migrates to those lymph nodes without showing up in the closer ones. Although 1 in 6 isn't a great chance, he said that it is still a chance and they don't like to leave chances.

It bothered me a little to know that and why he felt I needed to know that at this point. But then he went on to say that if they did find something in my CT in September, that it would most likely be a new primary. He also told me that in most cases, if my cancer was going to met to somewhere else, it would have done so by now. His words hit home somewhere and made me realize that its gone. All this time, learning to cope with the fear, going forward but always having that dark place. I never felt that it was gone, I felt it waiting, but I feel its gone now. He somehow made me feel that. I hope it lasts.

Anyway, the Scheduler TRIED to schedule the appointment for September 11th at 9:00 am until I told her that there is no way that I am going to have a CT done on 9/11, it is just not a good date. At this point I don't even care if I look stupid, I have earned the right to look stupid, thank you very much. :wink:

The one thing I do like is that I get the CT and then see the doctor immediately after for the results. You gotta love that!!!! :D:D

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He does sound like he knows what he is talking about. I am so glad he gave you good news that it is gone. My doctor said the same thing, that after this long he thinks it is gone for good. I trust him and hope you can feel a big sense of relief.

I hope your "new" life is going well and that your stress level is down. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hi Debi,

It looks as tho. you are going to receive good care FINALLY! How charming is he? (Doesn't really matter unless you're going to be seeing a lot of him and we don't want that to happen. Good luck with your Sept CT. I wouldn't do it on 9/11. In fact, I wouldn't let my dentist's office schedule an appointment on that day.

How did the move go? Are you pretty settled now?


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Hey Debi,

I'm glad you're getting situated with good new medical people to care for you. GONE! sounds fantastic! :D

And I don't blame you for not wanting to do anything of significance on Sept 11th. I feel exactly the same and try to let that anniversary go by with no fanfare of any kind, just sad rememberence.

It's nice to know things are going so well for you! Keep those good reports coming!


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Things are falling into place, Debi..............hurray!!!! It sounds as if you will get a pretty good going over when you get checked out this time. Hopefully that can put some of those dark and scary thoughts away forever.

GONE is a beautiful word!!! I am so very happy for all the good coming your way. You deserve every bit of it.


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Hey girlfriend...

Good to hear from you and am so happy that you are satisfied with your new doctor...sounds like he know's what he is talking about...

Talking about how many lymph nodes removed...I never did know...and didn't want to ...all I know is when I went for my first 'Onc' visit...He said..."wow your surgeon removed a lot of lymph nodes"...So how much is a lot...me don't know..

Hope your all settled in now...and I love your "new man"...as least he don't talk back...bark maybe but that's alright...

Question here...I hear many say....if and when "it" would return at least it would be a new primary...what I want to know is 'what is the worst of the two evil's"...met or new primary and why??

Duh here...the fact that I had LC ..I am still in the dark about many things...I know you should be well informed about everything...but I just don't ask because maybe I just don't want to know ..cause I am a real nut case about this and alway's will be...no getting around it....damnit!!!!

Ok kiddo...hugs to you and your little boy and pm me if you can..God Bless....Nonni/Pam

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