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Interactive Chat** UPDATE** Please read


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I want to apologize to everyone who participated, or tried to participate in tonights interactive Q & A with Dr. West.

Halfway thru the chat, we experienced delays and some users were frozen out and at times questions did not appear in the chat box.

It is entirely my fault for over publicizing the chat. It is entirely Dr. West's fault for being so great that everyone wants to talk to him ( :wink: )

Seriously, I posted online bulletins about the chat on several websites and LC support groups as well as the mass e-mail sent out here to our members. There were so many "new" users registered just to talk to Dr. West and so many users hitting the server at once that we froze several times. Limiting the users IN the chatroom didn't deter people from trying to get "in" which is what froze the chat at times.

I take full responsibility and apologize to everyone who didn't get a chance to participate or didn't get their questions answered.

If you did not get your question answered by Dr. West, please visit www.onctalk.com and post your question on his website. He is fantastic about replying to every question- and rather quickly too.

We do plan on having another Q & A with Dr. West, and this time I will limit the announcement to exisiting LCSC members only.

To Dr. West: Thank you for taking the time to do Q & A's for us all and I apologize again for what happened tonight and for the inconvenience.

Thank you all for you patience and understanding.

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