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Beverly's cancer is back. It is on her sternum(sp). Actually, it is the same spot it was before that didn't show up on the ct scan, but the PET scan she got for free, that her insurance company would not approve, showed the spot. Well, they treated it and wanted another pet scan and of course it was not approved, even though the Dr. told them that the PET scan saved her life the last time. So now, since it is bigger, it showed on the ct scan. Thank goodness she went into the Dr.s office on Monday because she said she felt like something was wrong. Our whole family is just distraught. Beverly goes to the Dr. today and they will tell her what their next move is.

Any words of wisdom or hope would be greatly appreciated.



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Thank you all for your replies. I really appreciate the support.

Beverly called while she was at the Dr.'s office. She was actually receiving her chemo when she called. He put her on Topotecan, once a week for a month..then a re-scan.

Can anyone tell me about the side effects? What should we look for or expect?

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Bobby-Sorry to hear about the spot-please keep the faith-the chemo will hopefully take care of it. I know how bad it sucks to get this news. We were thrilled to hear my Mom was NED in chest but that little bugger in her liver is back. My Mom and your sis have been traveling about the same road. Let's hope and pray this round takes care of it for both of them!


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