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Update on my Dad-He's Dying


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Those are the hardest words I've ever written.

We are in the hospital, found out the cancer is all throughout his lungs and he has many pulmonary embolisms. He never expressed a desire to die at home so we aren't pushing to get him home.

Saturday night he ws in obvious distress and while his wife worked I convinced to go to the hospital when she got home. She got home at 6:30 PM but he asked for us to wait until 8:30 PM.

Around 9:0O, I pulled my car up to hisside door that only had two steps he would have to go down in his weakened state. When we were about to leave he told me he was going out the front door, a door we rarely use. I think he knew he wouldn't be coming back.

We're at a small local hospital, his choice and I'm sitting next to listening to him gasp for breath and my heart is jut breaking. If anyone has any sugestions what I should be doing right now, please let me know. He could go anytime now.

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Oh (((Sheri))), I am just brokenhearted for you. You will know all the right things to do because you are his daughter. I did many of the things Katie mentioned and I also remember telling my dad that he would be feeling better very soon. And he was............in God's glory!!!! Many prayers are being offered as I type this for you. Gosh, I am sorry.


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I'm so sorry. As others have said, just keep talking to him. Let him know how special he is, remind him of important memories, hold his hand, etc. And listen to him too. Sometimes Bill would say things that didn't make sense, but if we asked more questions, we usually could see where he was going with it. Allow him to say what he wants. Just be there.

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I am so sorry. I know how hard you've tried to do everything you could to help your dad beat this monster. You've been the best daughter and an amazing advocate. You've done everything you could for him.

I hope you get some special moments together before he leaves you.


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My heart just goes out to you and wish I could say something to ease your pain.

Tell him exactly how you feel, don't leave anything unsaid!!! SAy it all!

Your love shines through you posts. You are a true advocate and an amazing daughter!

Your family is in my prayers,


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