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Gene Expression May Predict LC Prognosis

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A pattern of gene expression might be able to identify which stage I lung cancer patients have the poorest prognosis.

A gene expression pattern that was recently identified in noncancerous liver cells of liver cancer patients was a good predictor of whether the cancer would spread. Curtis Harris, M.D., of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md., and colleagues conducted a study to see if a similar gene expression pattern in noncancerous lung cells could predict the prognosis of lung cancer patients.

They found 11 genes in noncancerous lung tissue that classified stage I lung cancer patients according to their risk of death.

“Our data suggest that a unique … gene expression signature of noncancerous lung tissue and corresponding tumor tissue in lung [cancer] predicts metastasis and disease progression. These findings suggest that the lung tumor and its surrounding lung environment interact,” the authors write. -Journal of the National Cancer Institute

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