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Needing to get ready for Mayo


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Just thought I'd better check e-mail one last time!

Don't know for sure when we will be back...right now - we will probably spend the night in Rochester Wednesday night. It will be a long day of 'hurry-up' and 'wait' I'm sure.

Mike needs a good night's sleep before traveling - and me too!

I quit giving him the antibiotic the ER doctor put him on. I talked to the pharmacist yesterday because of a couple of things.

One - he had a triple dose of antibiotic given to him by the dentist when he had his tooth out - a week ago Wednesday.

Two - He had just had blood tests on Monday and they gave him Neupogen shots for three days to stimulate the immune system.

Three - Nothing showed that he had any infection...from the tootch being pulled to the blood tests on Monday to the chest x-ray on Thursday. The ER doc said he want to give him an antibiotic as a "precaution".

Four - The pharmacist told me when she gave me the prescription that it would "affect" or super charge the steroid pill he is on daily. The oncologist had JUST cut back on the steroid because of muscle weakness.

Five - Mike couldn't hardly walk yesterday morning. He didn't go to church he was so shaky after the "morning" dose of the antibiotic. Didn't give it to him the rest of the day...and he gained strength as the day went on!

Six - by supper time his asthma was 99% GONE.

He is doing good this morning...just got out of the shower.

I'd better do the same and get cooking!

Love to you all...

I'll keep you posted.

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