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New Word for Today...."Infrahilar"


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Okay folks, I've checked the Medical Dictionaries and the Standard English Dictionary and our very own Glossary and haven't found the definition of "Infrahilar". I've found it being used but not defined.

I found out yesterday that there is some..."interval decrease in size of infrahilar right lung mass and right side pleural effusion. .."

I'm told that this is good news but it would probably be even better if I actually knew what it is.

Any help??

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Infra means below.

The hilar (hilum) is the area in the lung above the heart.

So it means in the area below the hilum.

It is describing the location of the lung mass

The good news is that there is a decrease in size of the tumor.

If you have any questions I would ask the Dr.

Glad to hear there was good news.

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