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Bad News Post-Chemo

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It's been a while since I posted anything but I've been keeping up. :) I decided to wait on nursing school until next year and moved back here to CA from North Carolina two weeks ago. This is too important...no regrets, right?

Dad finished round 6 of chemo a few weeks ago and scan results on Tuesday were not promising. The primary tumor in his left lung is slightly smaller but there are new bone mets all over the place, and a new soft tissue spot as well. His pain is horrible - he's received hydration and pain meds four out of the past five days at the day hospital.

The scariest part is that he was admitted to the hospital this morning for persistent nausea. He hasn't been able to keep anything down and even with any empty stomach, he is constantly sick. Oncologist is worried it may have spread to his brain - this is Dad's worst fear (as a neuropsychologist, he knows how devastating a brain tumor can be).

So my sister and I are packing up our stuff and headed to the hospital. Dad's brother is there with my mom right now.

I'm glad I came home.

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Bless your heart.... :(

I think you'll be happy with yourself later on, for moving back home and waiting to go to school.

Nurse's are always going to be in demand, so you won't have a problem getting a job, even if you are waiting a bit for school.

I'll be adding your dad to my prayer list. I hope he can find some comfort soon.


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Moving back and delaying school for a bit is something you will never regret when you're my age and reflect back on life. Please know that we will be keeping your Dad in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.

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You are doing the right thing. There is nothing more important right now then being with your dad escepially the state that he is now in.

We are here for you. You do not have to go through this alone. Let us help you with your burden.

Keep us posted when you are home for the hospital to let us know how he is doing.

I am sending prayers his way.

I am so sorry for all the uncertainlty you are going through. But you are a wonderful daughter to be there for your dad. Glad yor sister will be there so you both will be able to share the burden. I am glad you are not going through this alone.

Your mom definitely needs her girls with her.


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I feel like a million dollars compared to today's earlier post. :) Thank you so much for your kind words - this is such an amazing community.

Dad's brain MRI was CLEAR! He looked like he could have kissed his doctor! The reason he's been so nauseous is still a bit of a puzzle but it's good to have ruled out any more mets.

Being admitted to the hospital could be just what he needs to get this pain under control. He's been so much better today and was able to keep his dinner down ... he's even looking forward to lunch tomorrow, which is unusual these days. It's all about celebrating the everyday victories, isn't it? :)

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