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Taxotere for 3rd line treatment?


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Hi All. Hoping one of you is familiar with this treatment protocol.

My husband did 3 rounds of carbo/etoposide with good results. After round 6, scans revealed progression in the lung and lymph nodes. The onc said Hycamtin would be his last chance. After 2 rounds of Hycamtin there was further progression in the lung and lymph nodes. The onc decide to try Taxotere 1x weekly for 6 weeks (rather than 1 week on, 3 off to preserve blood counts and administer more chemo on this schedule).

The only symptom my husband has had these last 11 months is a hoarse voice. He feels good, looks good, and tolerates chemo very well. So I'm grateful that we're doing a 3rd line of chemo, but haven't found any information on the use of taxotere for recurrent or refractory sclc.

Any of you have any experiences with this for yourselves or loved ones?

Thanks Everyone. Keep you all in my prayers.

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Don't know anything about Taxotere for SCLC. My husband also progressed with Hycamtin and was put on Gemzar for 3rd line but is also getting radiation. I hope this one works for him, he looks and sounds much to young and healthy to be sick. Blessings to you both.

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I'm sorry about the progression, but glad to read your hubby is feeling good.

I don't know about Taxatere with sclc and I haven't had personal experience with this, but I had occasion to speak with a UCLA lung cancer researcher some months ago. He told me he was using Sorafenib on an sclc patient for 3rd line and that he was having excellent results. Translated to me meant, "3rd line can work."

I think it's great that your doctor is being aggressive to try a new approach. Hoping this one stops it cold.

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Thank you all for your responses.

Teri - I want you to know that I expectantly looked for posts from you and Bill for the last 11 months. Our husbands were both diagnosed at about the same time and were similar in age. The deep respect and admiration you shared reminded me so much of my husband and I that I couldn't help but to relate to you. Although I never posted, I want you to know that I cheered for you both when you had successes and prayed for you often. I truly cried for days when you lost Bill.

You are a tremendous source of strength to me, and I'm sure to many other members of this community. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts during this diffcult time.

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