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I wouldn't walk across the street for ACS. I use to volunteer for them as well, but when we did our Lung Cancer Awareness Events here in Minnesota, they didn't want ANYTHING TO DO WITH US! That's exactly what they said! "No Thank You, ACS Doesn't Want to Be A Part of a Lung Cancer Event." :twisted::twisted: We asked them 3 different times, and each time they said "No thank you." All we were trying to do was bring AWARENESS to LUNG CANCER and LUNG CANCER ISSUES. We held these events at our State Capitol and had doctor's from all over MInnesota come and speak on behalf of lung cancer.

Wendy, MPPAT is the organization that has to do with the None Smoking Issues in the State. That was done with (Some)of the Tobacco Settlement Money. Not ONE DIME of that money went to Lung Cancer Research or anything to do with lung cancer issues. And yet they SUED on BEHALF of the SMOKERS! :shock::roll::x

The Relay for life events are very touching, I use to go to them and I even helped out and worked at a couple of them. Not anymore.

End of my soap box. Sorry just wanted to vent what I have seen here in Minnesota. It was shocking and sad, not to mention upsetting.

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That is so disheartening. :( I did my first ever Relay for Life in St. Cloud this past year. While it was a good event and our group raised over $5000; in the back of my mind I was wondering about the distribution of it. I think next year we will raise money soley for Lungevity. I feel so much more informed today than I did before Mom's diagnosis.

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I know what you guys are talking about and this p$$es me off to no end...Don't they know...that "they could come down with LC as well as smokers'...I agree smoker's should stop to lower their chances...but take me for instance...BAC LC and that my friends did NOT come for smoking...

I bought a pretty Cancer bracelet that has all different kinds of beads on it to resemble each and every cancer...I bought only that to support the cancer society but other than that...I ONLY give to Lung Cancer...and will continue to do so....Amen!!!


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