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Update on John


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John had a change on his last CT scan. The oncologist was not sure if it was the cancer growing or due to the bronchitis he had been fighting. He was scheduled for a bronc to take a look. The pulmonologist said the airway was restricted but open and he did not see any cancer but did find some abnormal cells.

The doctor gave him a new inhaler to try for this horrible cough he's had and just when he started to feel better--boom-- he has another infection of some kind and is running a fever. Our family doc got him in today (love our family doctor!) for antibiotics and steroids so hopefully he will feel better soon.


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Did they get cultures from the sputum

to make a good choice of the medication?

What is the name of the new inhaler?

Here we are getting the weirdest lung

infections this summer just because of the

heat wave we had from middle of May till

last week.

Still fighing the one I got in May and

may see the bright side soon.

Keeping my fingers crossed for good news.


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I'm so sorry to hear that John isn't feeling well right now and that the change in the CT is just inflammation. I hope the meds take care of all that quickly. Please give him my best.


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I hope John's feeling better soon and the abnormal cells don't become a problem. The coughing must be driving him crazy. I don't suppose finding a role for him in the ongoing saga of whatever it's called (Billy, Bootsy, Randy, Larry, Mary Lou, and the cow) would help.


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Thanks for all the well wishes for John. He is having quite a problem with fevers and sweating when the fever breaks. His new inhaler is Advair and seems to help. He also got a prescription for codeine pills and steroids. Now between all that something should work on his cough.

Jackie- I know the pulmonologist did some washings and took some samples so I imagine we will get another report at some point.

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