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Getting to Know You - August 10


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How much do you weigh?

Have you lost weight? (When I obviously haven't)

Did Dennis smoke?

It must have been hard to lose your husband? (Have honestly been asked this)

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Did your Wife Smoke,You have how many Children(Yike's like there all adults now)...Are you really 66 (no i'm only 10...Geeeez)... Do you really believe all that Catholic stuff.This last one make's me want to just up and say what's it to you as believe it or not this question come's from Catholic's i know.....

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Number one on the hit parade, "Why are you a vegetarian?" I hate this with a passion because I don't have a reason, I just am and have been since I was a teenager. My wonderful teenage daughter says I should reply, "because I hate animals so much I can't even stand to eat them." And no, I don't really hate animals (ask the dog).

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"Why are you sooo skinny"? :cry:

I'm so tired of being asked that question..

A lady at Church asked my sister if I was anorexic or bulimic.

I have Crohn's Disease. I can - (and DO ), eat like a horse, and I never weigh over 105 pounds.

I would LOVE to have a "normal" figure, instead of looking like a teenage boy!! LOL!

Oh well.... (I have to go throw up now! hahaha!)J/T!!

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