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Polyps and not-warm-and-fuzzy-doctors


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Had the colonoscopy today--another day, another procedure, right? :wink:

I am looking at a printout, in full color, or 9, count them, nine polyps. Two biggest were 15 mm, rest under 5. Didn't like it at all.

That was bad enough, but I found out like this--

I finished dressing and went into the bathroom. When I came back to my bed there as a report, with pictures, on my bed, BUT NO DOCTOR!!!

Nurse came to walk me out, told me to call in two weeks, but I stopped him, and he sat me down.

This is what I said to the nurse/practitioner: "Please understand that I have had 3 malignant tumors removed from my body. I look at these pictures (of the polyps) and kind of freak. How do we know they are "probably fine?"

He heard me, bless his heart, and went on to explain that the doctor must have felt they looked fine, but no pathology is complete without the report.

I NEVER SAW THE DOCTOR. I thought about kicking up a dust storm, but figured he was doing the next procedure (busy, busy) and he would just give me the tap dance of call me in 2 weeks. . .

Coming home I questioned my decision to go with that medical group--I had been there once before and was not impressed. But my primary felt I should be at the same hospital as all my other tests.

I guess warm and fuzzy isn't needed when you are looking at people's tushies all day.

By the time I got home I was calmer. It is what it is what it is, right?

And that's why I had the procedure to begin with--get anything out that doesn't belong.

Just wish the report wasn't in such full color.

And yes, I need to hear good polyp stories.



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Gail, I am a good polyp story. Had one on my first and none on my second.

My blood pressure is now off the charts with your story. Doctors are not better than the rest of us. They have a skill that has come with education and practice. And, yes, thank God, they can save our lives. BUT, this does not mean that they can ignore our emotional side, walk away without explaining what they have found and what that means.

After you get the results, I would write a letter to the doctor's hospital and copy your PCP and that doctor's group. Maybe, just maybe, this doctor might be more human if his patients did more things like this.

Also, as much as I believe our medical records belong to us, to leave them there for you without medical interpretation is unethical and negligent. Do you remember Sandy S's brain tumors (her read) that turned out to be her eye sockets.

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Wow, Gail, I just cannot believe this, really!! I have had 2 colonoscopies and Fred has had 2 and EACH time the doc sat with us and explained everything. I even was with a good friend when she did it.....same thing. Now, the one having the procedure really doesn't even REMEMBER what the doc says since you're still in the twilight zone. You THINK you are with it, but guess again. That is why each time it was requested to have someone ELSE there to actually hear and understand what is said.

Now I don't now about good polyp stoires.....I had none, Fred had one, and my friend had a couple. All were 'good' polyps. But I would certainly let this outfit know that it is NOT okay, and you're going someplace else from now on.......not that they would probably even care.

Just sorry you have yet another 'story' to add to your repertoire, Gail. I'll keep my hope up that all 9 of these buggers are nothing at all.


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I don't really have "good" polyp stories except to say that my sister had a couple and they were nothing.

As for lack of bedside manner -- my son just completed his second year of medical school. I've talked with him about bedside manner esp. since my doctor left town recently and I'm trying to find a new GP whom I am comfortable with. As we all know, half of our comfort is with medical knowledge and the other half is having a caring, compassionate person. Anyhow, Alan has told me that there is a big emphasis on the "human" side of medicine in med. school nowadays -- at least at UBC -- and it's probably the same elsewhere. As a matter of fact, he recently had finals and as part of it, they had actors in bed with "pretend" diseases. When Alan did his examination of patients in front of "proctors", he was later told that he had great empathy and really connected to the patients. The proctors told him how important this was and not to lose this ability when things get hectic or rushed. So hopefully the upcoming generation of docs will "get it".

gail p-m

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We got talked to quickly after ours. I would think if he thought there was a problem he would have talked to you, hopefully :) And you probably can hear back sooner than 2 weeks. I know they say that, but we always heard about our colonoscopy biopsies in a few days. Even if they dont see stuff, they often biopsy parts of colon, not sure why.

Keep us psoted!

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My husband got talked to after mine. I didn't see the dr afterwards either. But he did tell my husband that everything was fine, so I didn't really feel slighted about not meeting with him after the procedure.

I don't blame you for getting a report and no doc and being a little alarmed.


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gail p-m ... one thing up-and-coming doctors need to realize also is how important a role office help plays in the success of their practice, their overall reputation and just the health of their patients in general.

My dad (not a cancer patient) was suspected to have a small blood clot. He told them he'd been told decades ago after a surgery he shouldn't take coumdin (sp). They told him he'd be o.k. His blood levels should have been in the 2.5-3.5 range ... too much thinner (higher) and you are in danger of bleeding to death. His went up to over NINE. The doc's nurse called him and told him, until whatever medicine he was taking to counteract the thinness worked, not to "fall or cut himself". Oh Geez, my 82 year old father had been planning to throw himself down a few mountains that day.

My sister-in-law is a nurse out of state. She told me he should be in the hospital while he's that high, so if he would start to bleed internally, they could catch it immediately. I called his doctor's office (after hours) and the answering service asked me what I wanted. I told them i was alarmed at my dad's test results and wanted to talk to a dco. Sorry, she told me ... "test results" don't constitute an emergency to contact the doctor for. Tried to explaing the situation, but the doc never did call me back. Thank goodness my dad is still alive and well.

In that instant, someone working at an answering service, probably making minimum wage, make a decision whether my health concern was valid enough.

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Gail, kinda know what ya mean. My husband has Barretts eshopagus which can lead to cancer, he is scoped EGD every 2 years to keep it in check, the last time he had it done they called me to recovery to sit with him and wait for the doctor, there lays all these pictures which to me look like doom, black and bloody looking pictures of his lower eshopagus, for 1 hour while I wait for the doctor negative thoughts are running through my head, now he has cancer my kids are not going to have any family. One hour of hell, when the doctor comes in all is normal although biopsy was taken as a precaution and she would let us know about it. Do these doctors and nurses not realize what they put people through ? In your case I would be triple upset, so sorry you have to wait and worry. God Bless

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Hi Gail...

I have had 2 colonoscopies...first one fine and no polyp's....the doc came right in and talked to me and said see ya in 5 years...Next one...one polp ...doc never came in but I caught him as I was going out the door...and I said..."Well'???...He said..."Oh yeah...one polp but it looks fine and I will see you in 2 weeks...All was well in 2 weeks...

I know how you feel...I guess these guys have so many they don't realize how IMPORTANT it is for us to talk to them for reinsurance or whatever...grrr...

Hoping all goes well..I think if it was something to be concerned about he would have positively came in to talk to you...Best of luck as alway's...


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