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Thinking of you Welthy!


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Oh Erin -- you are such a sweetie. Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.

Here's how Tony ended up in the hospital or "What I've learned about not having a coordinated care team at a Cancer Center":

1. Never have breathing problems when your pulmonologist is on vacation and your oncologist is taking his daughter back to college.

2. Remain calm in the face of stupid questions, tests, and ER doctor's who don't have a clue and think you don't have a clue. :?

3. Try to smile when your beloved family doctor is put in charge of your care even though he hasn't treated you in over two years.

But wait, there's more!

4. Don't have a heart attack when that same beloved family doctor wakes you up with an early morning phone call and tells you that your husband's tumor is completely blocking airflow into his left lung (it's not) and that he now has a "Do Not Resuscitate" order on Tony. :shock:

So, here we are. Tony's p.o.'d about getting stuck in the hospital. We thought it would be a simple "tap and go" kind of a day on Thursday. At least they did pick up an infection in his left lung. He is receiving antibiotics. I think he is getting weaker from laying around in bed, so I told him to at least get off his duff and go to the bathroom instead of peeing in that little plastic men's thing. He gets nebulizer treatments 4x per day that helps slightly because he also has emphysema. Slightly means a lot these days. AND I finally brought in the medical power of attorney and directives order so the hospital could have that on file.

The upshot is that other doctor's don't know how to handle an advanced Stage IV cancer patient and go off the deep end. They don't know who they are dealing with here! Can't wait for our "regulars" to get back.

I do hear an old woman crying down the hallway, but no fat lady singing, so it's going to be okay for the time being. Not great, but okay. I feel strong and know that it is not me, but God holding me up these past days. He gives me serenity now.

There you have it.

Thanks again,


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I hope you get Tony home soon. What a scary experience. I saw the first couple posts in this strand yesterday and looked all over for more info. Couldn't figure out what was going on till I read your post today. Let us know how you both are doing.


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Hi Debi,

My G-d what an experience. Talking about when it rain it pours :shock: . I could imagine what a rollercoater ride that was.

I am glad they found the infection and are treating that. Hope the doc's are all back tomorrow. They should have you on their team as if anyone is knowledgeable on Tony's condition it is you!

Prayers sent to Tony...

Keep that faith in G-d as he is holding you up along with us of course :)

Stay strong


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Been out of town and out of the loop since Friday & just got back tonite. So glad you sprung Tony from the hospital. What an ordeal you've both been through!!! Prayers that the antibiotic will have Tony feeling better soon. God Bless


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