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To Aaron (spicysashimi)


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Hi everyone,

Writing to you from MSK (the outpatient hospital!). Today is treatment day (yuck). Not much has changed. Vision is still messed up. Not sure if its getting better or worse. I get more cisplatin and vinrilobine today. I was hoping that as soon as I received the treatment, my vision would just clear up.

Just saw doc and according to him it would take longer for vision to clear up but he was very happy at how well I felt after treatment last week (not that I was doing jumping jacks but I had no pain and felt well enough on Saturday to go to the shore). Today my back hurts a little and I am really tires but other than that I feel fine.

I hope everyone else is ok too.


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Thanks for updating Aaron. I feel better now knowing that you a doing okay.

You certainly have many friends on here pulling for you.

Glad you were able to get the shore in.

Take care and keep in touch from time to time. Its scarey when we don't here from our friends for awhile.

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Aaron,

I too am glad to know you're doing okay. I was just talking to a good friend about you the other night -- about your blog, your fantastic attitude, and how I know you would have been fast friends with Bill had you two met!

Keep well and stay positive.

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Very odd, Aaron!

I wrote about the exaxt same symtoms in my mum the other day. Her vision is blurry, and sometimes she gets a "flashing light" in the corner of her eye - lasting 5-15 minutes.

She's also receving Cisplatin + Vinorelbine.

Yesterday i googled a little, and even though its not common, there seems to be a good chance that Vinorelbine causes some vision disturbans.

Hoping treatment goes well for you.



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