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Darn it feels good to be missed :!:

I'm still hanging around. I didn't post for quite a while and still don't too often. When I do post it is usually in the grieving or just for fun areas, simply because those are the subjects I am up to date on.

Retirement keeps me pretty busy. I seem to always be short of time now. Main reason is that I no longer rush and I finally figured out that if I just sit and do nothing for awhile the world will not stop turning. I am enjoying life more now.

I do read the posts more often now and even when I don't my thoughts and prayers are always with everyone here.

God Bless and thanks again for asking. Lillian

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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I have not been online lately. I have been feeling really good since I'm on Tarceva not going through chemo that I have become really engaged at work. What I mean is I am not sitting back while my team takes the lead on everything, I'm actually doing alot of that myself and having a great time in the process. I am blessed that the 16 people that work for me are just so wonderful. I only hope that my company always finds value in me and allows me to contribute even as a cancer patient.

I also am preparing for my family vacation. We are going to MAUI!!!!! this Sunday. For two weeks. therefore I have to do all the back to school shopping for the kids now as we won't have time when we get back.

The Tarceva has caused a rash on my chin, scalp, nose, cheeks etc..I put antibiotic ointment on it, it's not bad except wearing my wig to work itches more now. (I'm not taking the wig to Hawaii:)))

I also have had consistent mild diahrea. Otherwise I feel great except my left chest has been bothering me and I've had some headaches but I have decided not to call the doc because I intend on having a nice vacation and I'll worry about that when I get back.

On Sept. 4th I'm scheduled for my Vocal Chord surgery and the next week I am having a CT Scan and Brain MRI. I'll know around Sept. 14th if the Tarceva is working or not.

that is all for me, I'm sorry I haven't posted lately but I'm just doing way too much.



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Thanks Lilly for checking in. I knew you were getting ready for vacation soon. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Go and ENJOY!!

We'll take cancer stuff after you get back from vacation. For now, go have fun! Put this ugly cancer stuff behind you for two weeks.

Have a safe and fun trip. See you when you get home.

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Hi Lilly,

Glad you check in. Better ask Ry for a Hawaiian Hall Pass. :D

I don't know it you ever been to Hawaii, but Maui is absoultely breath taking. Try to take the road to Hanna, beatuful view and will feel like your on top of the world when you get there. If you go to Hanna, you can get a tape (by know they might have Cd) at a gas station, it will tell you where to stop on get the best view on the way. But don't forget insect repellent.

Have a ball, you deserve it!


Maryanne :wink:

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