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Why I’m Still Here At Stage IV


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God (he does like me) has blessed me with great doctors, nurses and a wonderful wife and daughter who have stood by me no matter what. For me it starts with attitude and how one looks at things. From day on I took the news in stride (like I do with all my health issues) and felt that I could and would beat it. I try to live life as normal as possible and make sure the people around me live their lives. If I can’t do something or go somewhere does not mean they can’t. Laugher is a very big part of my life and having a sense of humor and being able to joke about it helps for sure. I focus on living not dying, on what I can do not what I can’t do. Have learned to adjust what once took me an hour to do now takes me 3 or 4 hours but it gets done. Exercise an hour a day and keep moving forward one day at a time and one step at a time.

There are many people who have it far worse then me and it could always be worse for which I’m very grateful and thank God. No one says life is fair or easy but for me life is what one makes of it. Takes just as much energy to be negative as it does to be positive—so why not be positive about it. For the most part everything has fallen into place as I go along and having Stage IV lung cancer is not a death sentenced-- one can still have a life, do things, look forward to getting up everyday and live life to the fullest.

I do hope this helps the newcomers—way there is a will there is a way and that as long as there is life there is hope!

Life is short have a cookie!


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Rich needs to open up a "Cookie Store" During the week in his free time. :) SO very inspired By Rich and His story and these are reasons to keep uip the good fight and never back down!! Thanks Rich and Pass the double stuffed Oreos please!!!!! :oops::oops::D:shock::wink:

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I am glad to see you posting- and especially glad that you continue to encourage and inspire others. I know you've had some issues with fatigue so it's wonderful that you're gaining some energy and having more good days. God does like you. I was going to post some smart *ss remark but I was afraid of being hit with a lightening bolt. :lol:


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I'm with you Rochelle.......didn't want to tempt the heavens if I had a smart comeback.

Rich, you contiue to amaze us all, no matter what is thrown at you, you manage to overcome and keep on ticking away.

Are you free for coffee/lunch/whatever while I'm here?


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Hi Rich,

Maybe it's hard for you to understand why you are still, but I'm glad you are. You have been a true inspiration to this site. I thought after my daddy passed I didn't would never be able to post again. Then I realized that as much as I hate this disease, there are many people here who are fighting. People that I have grown to really care about. How can I not check in from time to time and see how they are doing. And like many, I am praying for you and that you will continue to be here and doing well when I do check in. God Bless you.

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Thanks for posting this Rich, this is good news from Bean Town. God loves you and may want you to continue your example and inspirational work for the rest of us. He also gave us free choice and that includes choosing to be positive, happy, and fruitful with what life gives us. You are doing a great job!

Donna G

PS Boy I would like to go back to Boston in November!

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