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GRATITUDE - August 13, 2007


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I thought it would be nice to begin a new daily thread where we could post something we're grateful for each day. I know, from experience, there are days we feel as if we really need to dig deep inside to find something that we are grateful for. I thought this would be uplifting for all of us.

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What a wonderful idea! Bless you.

Tony and I have had conversations about how grateful we are that God saw fit to hold off on his illness until he had retired and our children were grown. We hold those who become ill younger very close in our thoughts, as their diagnoses hurt us deep in our hearts.


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This is a wonderful site - I appreciate it so much and am very grateful to all those who run it and to those who share their experiences and give us support.

I am grateful that I still have my Dad with me - he was given 2 months to live and that was 5 months ago - so I thank God for every extra day that I have with him.

I am also grateful that I have a wonderful supportive husband and 3 fabulous kids - I love them all.


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After nearly four years

I'm able to face the 13th

(date Mike died) with a

smile and wonder as each month

on this date I get good news.

Today was an appointment for

the tests to see if an operation

is possible to give me back the use

of my hands....and remove the


Thank you Katie and Rick for this

forum, it is part of my life.

Love to all


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I am thankful that despite the difficult task of having to accept my mom's diagnosis and the fact that I can't change it, I have found a place that welcomes me and comforts me when I need it the most. I am thankful that I have supportive friends and family and that my mom has an incredible support system around her. I am greatful for every day I have with her and every moment my kids get to spend with their Grandma. I am greatful that my kids have learned unconditional love and support and they know the meaning of family.

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I loved reading raneyf's reply! Congratulations on reaching those milestones.

I'm grateful for so many things, but right now I'm most grateful for beautiful memories and beautiful people.

Today, I'm SO grateful that a technical workmate of Bill's was kind enough to come over tonight and fix my email!!! Whew!

And of course, for LCSC and all of you.

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That material things do not matter its what is in the heart that does matter. I learned that lesson years ago after Deb was diagnosed with LC and will never forget it...... :(

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That I'm still alive and able to live and enjoy life with my wonderful wife Kathy and my wonderful daughter Tina, my family and my friends-- That I have wonderful doctors and nurses who with out them I would not be here. For the wonderful people I have met along my journey and how everything has fallen into place. Yes life is sweet!

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