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Hi All,

This is not a LC issue, but then again it is, because it is hard to breathe in our area right now. I live about 20 miles from where the fires are burning right now. My home is not in danger, but it is very smokey and lots of white ash in the air. I am right off of the 15 Freeway and Gina is off of the 215 Freeway. Please pray for our friend Gina D... If you are watching the news, we have fires all over So. California. Gina lives in Crestline CA., and that area is on fire. It is a small town in a mountainous area of the San Bernadino County, CA.... It is pretty rural and we have not had any rain. I believe there is only one road that goes up there and it has been closed to through traffic. She is a single person and does have animals. I am not sure if her home is in danger, let's pray it is not. I do communicate with Gina by phone so I will keep all posted as to what is happening. I sent her an e-mail and tried to call, but no response

Thank You


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Karen I live in the San Fernando Valley and we can smell it, and the sky is all black on the west because of the Simi Valley/Santa Clarita Fire and the sky to the East is all orange because of those two fires, and it is hard to take a deep breathe here, so BECAREFUL!!! and don't go outside unless you have to. Call me if I can help in anyway. I'm not too far from you.

(818) 762-3578

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I saw this fire news from Hong Kong as well. They said there is 4 nearby states are being affected and the fire is crossing the border to Mexico as well. Be careful you guys, stay tuned on TV. I also hope Gina is okay and in a safe place. Really don't know about her belongings and pets. Hope everything is fine.

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I live in Carlsbad and am wearing a mask to even go out to walk the dog and other than that I'm staying inside...can't imagine how horrible it would be in the middle of it. Please let us know about Gina and her pets. Local news interviewed some of the people from Crestline and it was really devastating.

Prayers being offered for all these people,


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Thank you for your well wishes! Karen, I got your message on my work phone today and have not yet had a chance to repond.

My animals were rescued and I did get them back tonite, I am so happy for good nieghbors!

I was very lucky in that I was on the road returning from vacationing in Portland Oregon when the fires broke out. My employers and docs called me and told me to stay away from the LA area until the smoke cleared as it was not safe for me here. Very kind of them. I was on my way back home when the evacuation started, so I was locked out of the area anyway. I had my camping trailer with me, so I lived on the road for the past week and a half until we were allowed back up the hill yesterday. I got home last nite. I drove back roads to Phoenix to stay away from LA..and trust me..when you want to get to Phoenix from Oregon, you can't get there from here!

My home was saved, as were most of the homes in the "downtown" Crestline area. I was told on Sunday the 26th that my home was destroyed and I was under that impression for two whole days. The media seemed to perpetuate that rumour as well. Then I found out that that info was incorrect. The joy one feels after that kind of news reversal is undiscribable. I only suffered water damage from the plane and copter water dumps. It looks like a bomb went off up here.

The outlying homes on the rim and down by the Big Lake (Silverwood) were not. My heart goes out to all these homeless folks here. Lots are living on the hillside in trailers and even some are in tents. It's danged cold up here. I have never seen anything like this.

I feel for those of you that had to tolerate the smoke, I understand it was horrible. Go to your docs and get checked asap..but you don't need me to tell you that.

Thank you again for these kind wishes. People can be very kind in these emergencies. All is OK and life goes on.

this photo was taken about 4 blocks from my house. I think I would have choked if I was here!


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