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New hole in tumour is this bad news?

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Hi! :D

My dad has been getting a pain behind one of his ears during the night so his doc sent him for an x ray.

The new xray has shown a hole in his tumour that hasn't shown up before.

The doc said it is nothing to worry about but i just wanted to see if any of you had any thoughts on why there would suddenly be a hole in his tumour.

My dad only had 4 weeks of radiotherapy in Feb 2006 and is on mild painkillers for the pain he feels in his chest and behind his ear.

His doc has now referred him back to the hospital so they can check out his ear problem.

Could the pain behind his ear be an indication of a tumour on the brain?



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I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm still prety new to all this. This might be a great question to ask Dr. West at onctalk.com. You will have to register to ask a question, but you can read anything without registering.

At any rate, I hope they find out that it is not related to the cancer at all and is something that can be taken care of easily.


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I really have no idea but maybe it is dead tissue in the middle of the tumor if it has been radiated. Just a guess. When my mom had a brain tumor removed surgically, the surgeon said the center was necrotic tissue or dead. Not sure if that would show up as a hole in the tumor on an x-ray or not. I hope it isn't serious. Best wishes for you and your dad!

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My Mom's Tumor in her lung was so large that when it started shrinking it caused a cavity in the middle. Could this be what is going on? Ask the Dr to give you more details.

Good Luck


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