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Pub Open Tonight??


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In need of a drink with some friends!

Lets have a drink and a chat to unload the things that burden us.

Lets have a drink to celebrate the great scans and another for those with news that was not so great.

Lets have a drink and toast to celebrate that Nick and Keri are expecting!!

Most of all, lets have a toast that we have this place and each other.

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Here's to my mom taking one less pain pill today! Hopefully these baby steps will continue and she will finally get some relief from the dreadful tail bone pain. She said she was very sore when she got home from work tonight but I told her it was a start. I think it is worth a celebratory drink.

Also, congrats to Nick and Keri! That is definatly reason to celebrate!!

And, of course, I am so very greatful to be part of such a supportive group. Cheers :D

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If you're making a chocolate martini for Tina, make one up for me, too.

Got a sale pending on my mom & dad's condo; closing is the 21st. Only had it listed 4 weeks!

Glad to be wrapping the last of the loose ends, but a bit melancholy about it, too.

But a big whoo-hoo to Nick & Keri! CHEERS!



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Gotcha covered, Rochelle............any particular brand???? We got it ALL! And I've been practicing all different kinds of martinis too! Isn't Maryanne's the apple kind? And PLENTY of snacks too!!!!

For Keri...........lots of non-alcoholic and caffeine free stuff!!!! Gotta keep momma to be safe and healthy!

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I'll drink to that Katie and to all the wonderful members and friends on this board...'clink clink'...I'll have a vodka and tonic...with lemon please ..no lime...but only one...I get "cocky locky ' after the first one....and 'kudo's" for sure for Nick and Keri....maybe I'll have another drink after all...LOL..

Kasey and Fred..thanks for opening up th pub again...was getting mighty dry here :P


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I don't even LIKE beer, but I'm raising a Sam Adams tonight in honor of my little brother David C. who would've been 43 today, but left us as a young whippersnapper of 40. Any of you who remember him, please join me in a toast to a life well lived, raising one of his (or your) favorite brew!


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Oh -- hey, I'm up for a green apple martini!! (Or three.) :lol::lol::lol: Great idea to open the pub Katie. Thanks Kasey and Fred!

Celebrating Nick & Keri's news, sending hugs to Raney on some big firsts for her with the kids, thrilled for Wondermom as the radiation seems to be finally working to help the pain, and of course, my dear cyber-friends here who understand the highs and lows of this remarkable life journey. I was happy to have Tony sleeping next to me last night.

Also need a little solace for sad conversations and a little frustration/anger that Tony is feeling now. I'm also feeling down because I did my final "poopie-patrol" of the back yard since my doogie went to heaven last Tuesday. (Never thought I'd miss that chore. :roll:)

Clink-Clink -- "Salute" and love to all,


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Pub is ALWAYS open! Just give a holler when you come in and Teddy will let Management know that it's time to man the bar and bring out the snacks. I hope everyone's drinks were satisfactory. It was a nice group we had. Some sad conversation and some uplifting ones too. Please don't hesitate to come because we need practice with all these drinks we're learning how to make.

The Management

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