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Hebbie Jebbies again


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Hi all...It's been a while since I've been on ...;pc been acting up and tired of being on the phone with DSL...anyway...hope all is well with everyone or at least getting better...I've been reading but sometimes it will not let me post...grrrr

The story goes today...I went for my routine 6 month chest exray..nervous as sh&* as usual....I take the exray...had to wait awhile for the film to take it to the doctor next monday...I'm thinking to myself...this is taking too long...why aren't I getting the film...so Ok they finally come out and give me the film telling me it is mine now ...they have a new system and It will alway's be on file...

Ok that's fine...

.So I do my running around and finally get home...THERE IS A MESSAGE ON MY ANSWERING MACHIME...."This is Advanced Radioligy (where I had the chest exray) and it is for Pam."..

Well my knee's went weak before I heard the rest of the story...She said...they did not have the Feb 07 film to compare and I must not have brought it back to them the last time and wanted me to get it from my doctor cause it was the original film and they want to compare.......

So I call the doctor's office and lo and behold...there is was ..still there...which they were supposed to send back last Feb and never did...grrrr..

So now I have 2 questions....Is this the regular "drill'...to compare chest exray's from the last one...or did they see something they did'nt like...neverous wreck here...And the other question is..I am scheduled for my yearly CT/Scan on Oct 1st not even 2 months away ..and do you guys think this is to close to each other...chest exray and then Ct/ scan....This crap drives me nuts....

Connie I hope you are reading this so you can give me the riot act..'-)

Ok kids...stay well ...God Bless us All and still and alway's will be praying for the cure..ONe day it will be here so we all have to hang tuff...

Nite my friends....Nonni/Pam.

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It is routine that they do compare your latest xray or scan to the one before it. Ask for a copy of the written report when you see the doctor and you can see where they mention the comparisons from the scan on a certain date compared to this scan. Please try not to worry.


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