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Getting to Know You - August 14


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I'm right handed. Dennis and all three of my boys are right handed. We've been watching Ella and she appears to really favor using her left hand. She's only 9 months old (TODAY) and I'm not sure how early you can tell whether a child is right or left handed. Does anyone know???

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Saw this.......

The Pediatrician Answers:

It is generally possible to tell the handedness (whether he or she is a "rightie" or a "leftie") of a child by about the age of 3-4 years. Younger children will often experiment with using both hands.

Although "switching" handedness for writing is possible, it is generally recommended to allow the child to use whichever hand he/she prefers.


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Probably should be a total lefty, BUT in kindergarten was made to use my right. So now I do many things with either hand, but nothing very well. And it depends sometimes what I'm doing......e.g. write right, erase left, iron both, golf right, throw left, eat left. Okay, I'll stop now.


PS: Obviously I use both to type and I STINK at that :? !

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