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Keeping your neighbour and his family in my thoughts and prayers. I know this scenario so well, eating right, working out, never smoking, all that you described was Brad's lifestyle as well. Another example of how cancer does not discriminate or recognize lifestyles.. so so sad


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I honestly don't know WHY cancer is growing in our society. I've read so much on nutrition....way before Mom was diagnosed. I am always seeking information on health (not because I am the picture of proper eating, but because I WANT TO BE). My family has a history of breast cancer and we've all studyied the do's and don'ts to protect ourselves. My mom is the 1st person in our family to have LUNG cancer. Her mom had breast cancer, she lost one sister to breast cancer and her oldest sister is a breast cancer survivor. They say that Japanese woman are among the healthiest in the world. The oldest woman just passed away at 114 -- she was Japanese. "They" / studies think it's the nutrition. Who knows. Is it our water, nutrition, pollution, chemicals in our homes???? Why is cancer growing at such an alarming rate? Your neighbor is a prime example that it's caused from something we're not aware of yet....

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"tjrasMOM"]I honestly don't know WHY cancer is growing in our society.

I really think it has to do with the pesticides and preservatives that are being used... but hey thats just me.

I agree...and....stress levels with our fast paced lives, fast food, and the most recent reports I've been reading all point to meat. There are just so many toxic things in meat. Plus, once it's cooked at the high temps, it causes more toxic chemicals in the food. Don't get me wrong, I love meat. But I've recently read 4 nutrition books....3 of which spent about 3/4 discussing cancer. All of them agreed on ONE thing....meat can increase the risk.....A LOT of vegies and fruit EVERY DAY can strengthen your immune system to fight off cancer and diseases. Of course we have no guarantee that we won't get cancer, but we can boost our bodies ability to fight back. =)

My heart tells me that walking, loving, respecting your body with whole foods and taking time to enjoy life, all boost your body's ability to fight off diseases. But that's just my own personal opinion. =)

I overheard my mom whispering to my 7-year-old one day when we hadn't gotten the final Dx yet. She said, "Ya know what your Nona is going to start doing? I'm going to watch TV less and live life more...I'm going to put more time in my life to be with those I love, like you guys, and spend less time trying to please those I don't care about..."

And since her Dx, that is all she's done. Nothing bothers her the way it used to. Anger is now a wasted emotion of hers. She just wants to be loved and love others. She wants to laugh and be at peace all the time. This is a different person. I hated how stressed she used to be. It killed me to watch her worry so much about others. I love, love, love how calm she is now. Because I KNOW that with that calmness comes healing. My cousin recently told me that there is the healing that doctors are responsible for and then there is the healing that comes from within. No one knows which one has more power. But together, anything is possible.

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But, when comparing Japan to the U.S. and pesticides/preservatives to Japan's nutrition, remember that two rather large nuclear bombs were detonated on that small island and the half-life still hasn't been lived. Were the statistics the OPPOSITE, it would be understandable with that variable considered, but why the other way? Is it really the other way, or do we just not hear of it there, just like we really don't hear of it here - until it touches our lives.

I guess it's not the eating nor the exercising, nor the smoking, it's the BREATHING that does it. One thing we ALL have in common is that we breathe, smokers or non, health nuts or couch potatoes.

Best of luck to your neighbor. Check your home for radon, just in case.


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