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Gratitude- August 15th 2007


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Ry made me think of my new friends.

I'm grateful for the new friends

in my life.

After we moved to a new town for

the treatments Mike needed

we had a few people that attached

themselves to us, just for a free


Took nearly four years of lawyers

and notaries after Mike died to get

free of this riff raff.

Now life is beautiful with real friends,

good support and this forum that gave

me the strength to face those dark days

when I was all alone and nowhere to turn



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Today, I'm especially grateful for my best friend, Sue. After visiting her last night and recalling many old memories, I remembered just how important a best friend can be.

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My dearest friends ar Allyson Her daughter Ericka and Her daughter Chevon, her son mike. My neighbors cross the street Anthiny and Bessy and their Boys and Joannie on the other corner. My best friends through all this in real time

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Years ago, Oprah encouraged people to keep a 'Gratitude Journal'. You were to list 3 things each day for which you were grateful. I did it for awhile but then it seemed I ran out of things. Lightbulb - you can express gratitude for the same things over and over.

So Jackie, thank you for this post.

Maybe, in addition to Ann's GTKY each day, we can have a cyber gratitude journal.

My list today:

1. My beautiful daughter who took me to see 'Wicked' last night.

2. My best friend of 47 years, Jackie.

3. My health

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Jackie, I'm really glad you took this and ran with it. I'm very glad that you're starting this thread each day. My mind is always boggled down with questions to ask...lol. Hey...I guess I need to be grateful for always being able to think of a question...lol!

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I have the perfect mixture

(all natural products) for

mosquitos,(poor Randy)I made

it the first time for the cows

when we had the farm Mike used

it all the time for himself.

It kills only bad insects even

termites won't kill a butterfly

or a lady bug.

Good for the dogs, cows and human.

Would it pass at the customs????

check and let me know if you want some.



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I am thankful that I never lost touch with my friend Cathy. We've known each other since we were 15. It is so nice to share memories with her and compare ourselves to our kids now (were we that immature at their age? of course not- we were perfect).

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I'm grateful that God has blessed us so that my husband is again sleeping beside me.

I'm grateful for wonderful brothers who married women who are truly my sisters and hold me up always.

I'm grateful to be surrounded by neighbors who plow my snow and call me when they are away on vacation to inquire about Tony and cry easier than I do.

I'm grateful for friends that willingly drop everything at a moment's notice to go out to eat if Tony is feeling good and always welcome my phone calls at any hour of the night.

And.... I'm especially grateful today for Tony's Doc that rocks!! :D

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I am grateful for Bill and all of the solid advice he always gave me. Not that I always followed it before, but I'm trying hard now.

I'm grateful for being married to a man who truly wanted the best for me, no matter what. It's making me stronger and keeping me in "survival mode" rather than "poor me" mode (most of the time, anyway).

And I'm grateful for the beautiful people on this site who lovingly show us that everybody hurts and there is always someone who is carrying a heavier burden, but is still willing to help.

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I am so thankful that I got to spend the whole day with my mom back to school shopping with my kids.

I am so thankful that my mom feels good!

I am thankful that I have a wonderful husband who understands my emotional roller coaster.

I am thankful my children have their grandma.

I just love this, it's a great way to start or end a day.

Prayers to all,


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