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Organizing a Search Party.......


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I'm thinking of organizing a search party to saddle up and ride out in search of Larry. It's not like our Larry to be so quiet for so long. Whatcha think? Anybody feel like joining the search party? We could all meet at the Pub.

On second thought, maybe we should all meet back at the Pub after we have found Larry. If we meet there first, I don't think we would be in any condition to search for anything.....well, maybe not anything. Wow...think we'd get stopped for RUI??? Riding Under the Influence.

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We will get Teddy and your dogs

in the search party..........

will be on my white charger,

at least the horse don't drink

In case we find a cow I'll ask

for Egg Nog (version 3 from scratch)

1 oz Brandy or Rum (Dark Rum or Gold Rum is best if you're using Rum)

4 oz Milk

1 Egg

1 TSP of Sugar

1/2 TSP of Nutmeg

Blend the ingredients in a blender

Pour the Egg Nog into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and shake well. Strain into a Highball glass, sprinkle with nutmeg and serve with a straw.


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Well, I'm in on the search party, BUT Larry posted today and even yesterday, I think. Do a search for Larry and there it is. Maybe we all just look for his 'jokes' in the Just for Fun forum. He actually posted elsewhere. Don't we just LOVE Larry???


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Geez i am missed? Hey all it has been so hot here in western Kansas for over a week and all i can think of doing is getting home and enjoying the Air Conditioner.Now normally this warm spell would have not been all that noticeable but our long long drought was broken this spring and the summer up untill almost 2 week's ago had been really cool for around here with high's only in the lower 90's. I think Katie down thar in big D has had similar Weather.So yep i'm OK i hope and there is nothing going on between me and the LADY as i have not even seen her in a couple of week's. But i did go and trade my 4 door Dodge Dakota P/u off for a almost new PT Cruiser (beautiful metallic blue) so just in case the Lady want's to go Cruising.......Love you Guy's Larry...

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Larry...so glad we found you....or you found us??? I think the PT Cruiser is a wonderful idea. Hope you have lots of crusin' times ahead. Hey...you could just start driving and make your way to us, picking us up one at a time. Hey friends, who wants to cruise in Larry's new car???

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