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A Speacial Joke just for Jackie.......


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Three men were getting ready to take there final question's before being sworn in as new American citizen's.There was Jose and Murphy and Dumbrowski.Well Murphy was called in first and after a bit he came out all smile's and shouting i'm and American, next Jose went in and while Dumbrowski was waiting his turn he asked Murphy how he knew the answer's to the question's to be asked.Well Murphy explained that he had written all the answer's in the band around his underwear and when ever they would ask a question he would mearly look down into his underwear band and read back the answer.

Well Dumbrowski thought for a second and asked Murphy if he could wear his undershort's and Murphy being all happy about passing traded underwear with Dumbrowski. Well out came Jose all proud and happy and Dumbrowski went in next. The man at the desk first asked him what his name was and Dumbrowski told him.The man then asked Dumbrowski to tell him the reason why he wished to become a American and Dumbrowski proceeded to give his reason's. Then the Man tell's Dumbrowski that if he answer's the following 2 question's correctly he would swear him in as a American.

The first question asked was Mr. Dumbrowski how many star's are there on the American flag. Well Dumbrowski shuffle's around and mumble's to him self and then remembered he had Murphy's underwear on with the answer's written in the band so he pull's out his pant's slightly so he could read the answer and quickly shout's out 38. No No Mr. Dumbrowski the answer is 50 but look if you answer this last and easiest of the Question's i'll go ahead and make you and American. Now here is my last Question and believe me every grade school child in America know's the answer.My question is who is called the Father of America,Dumbrowski get's a big grin on his face after checking the band in the underwear and with a triumphant shout of joy say's................Fruit of the Loom....

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