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Any Famous ancestry out there??


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I thought this might be fun and interesting,So how about it can you share about your famous or Speacial family member ancestor's........

I'll Start it off and tell you my Great Grand Mother on my Father's side was a distant cousin to Jesse Jame's Mother. And my GrandMother had memorbilia and Letter's written by Jesse Jame's to my Great Grand Mother.But now she has died and no one seem's to know what happened to the Letter's and other thing's or there just not talking.Then on my Mother's side the first Ancestor to come to America served as a Colonel under George Washinton during the Revolutionary War........

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I have been working on my family tree so this is according to Ancestry.com

John Alden- Mayflower

Anna Harrison - first lady

James Garfield- 20th president

Daniel Wesson- of Smith and Wesson

William Howard Taft-27th president

Wild Bill Hickock

Lou Hoover- first lady

Bess Truman- first lady

Howard Hughes

Catherine The Great

Bill Clinton

Billy Bishop- flying ace

George Herbert Walker Bush

Julia Child

George Walker Bush

Henry David Thoreau

John Milton-poet

Julia Tyler- first lady

Joan Crawford- actress

Ellen Wilson - first lady

Charles Kingford Smith- aviator

Barbra Bush- first lady

John Wayne

Eugene O'neill- playwright

Wernher Von Braun- rocket scientest

No wonder my politics can be all over the place at times and I'm wondering why with all of these relatives I am always broke. :?

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Impressive, Larry. I have always thought I would like to do a search of my roots someday. As far as I know, my family isn't connected to anyone historically famous. But, being adopted, I still have a limited amount of information about my blood relatives. Maybe someday I'll begin the search!

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Larry -- How awesome!! Somebody has to find those darn letters. I hate it when important family mementos are cast aside. I've been doing family research since the early 1990's. Weird thing happened when I started to write this post. I got a phone call from a distant cousin (and fellow family researcher) who I've visited with in Michigan many times. He's 96 years old and I just love him.

For me:

Stephen Hopkins - Mayflower

Alice Carpenter Southworth Bradford - m. Gov. William Bradford of Plymouth Colony (He raised her two children & had three more together.)

Robert Treat - Governor of the Colony of Connecticut, 1683-1698

Uriah Cross - Part of his Revolutionary War service was 14 months with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys.

For Tony:

His brush with infamy was that Al Capone was a regular visitor to his Grandfather's home.

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Robert Leroy Parker aka Butch Cassidy (mother's side)

Bonnie Parker (Bonnie and Clyde) --(mother's side)

Princess Elizabeth Plantagenant (Married the first parker--Keepe of the Park for the King) (mother's side)

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According to my files Wild Bill is my 6th cousin 4 times removed (whatever that means). My 9th Great Grandfather was named Experience Mitchel and he was Wild Bill's 5th Great Grandpa.

Family talk handed down says that my Great Grandmother on my Dad's side was related to Sam Houston. I am still searching trying to find the connection. I know her Father's name was John Houston. Just a lot of records to search and so many people shard the same names.

Any more relatives out there :?: I have sure been in contact with a lot of new cousins and an Uncle that I never knew just this past year. Makes all the research worth while. :D

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On My Mom's side:

Samuel Clemmons, AKA: Mark Twain. He was a cousin of some sort.

No other famous ones that I know of.

I come from Coal Miners, railroaders and farmers, way, way back.

My G-Grandpa was Irish, and he married a Cherokee woman. Half of us are blonde or light auburn headed, half of us are black-headed and black eyed!! Goof-ball mixture! :)

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