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Anyone else going to Cedar Rapids?


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So far I've got 5 of us going.

2 advocates/associates of mine with their own orgs., me, Connie B. and Mr. Connie.

Anyone else coming to Cedar Rapids, IA next week for the LAF Presidential Candidates Cancer Forum/debates?

For more info, check out the activism forum or PM me.

There isn't much time left! The forums are the 27th and 28th. I am sending in as many questions as I can for the candidates in the hopes that at least ONE of our questions will be chosen publically so that they will address our specific issues and we will plan to wear shirts or hats or SOMETHING to identify ourselves as LC Advocactes!!

If you can swing it, I think this will be a really great experience.

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------------->>> BUMP

One week from today!!!

Come one folks...if you're close by...come on out and lets demand that our next president makes cancer a national priority!!

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Maurie and I will be there! It's about a 6 to 7 hour drive for us, but we're going to bring our travel trailer and camp out for a few days. It sure would be nice if we could get a bunch of us together and make some noise and advocate for lung cancer issues. :D This is a great chance to do that and mingle with people and help get the word out.

Come friends, join us!!! :wink:

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