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well thankfully dad didnt light up like a christmas tree!...Im glad I pushed for this test it gives me better peace of mind.

in the weeks that we stopped the chemo there has been some progression of his disease and that his main mass has grown some but not alot, and there are a couple of areas that didnt show up on the regular CT that are glowing and a lymph node or 2 that are suspicious that they hadnt noted before. so we continue with the break in the hopes dad puts on 7-10 lbs and then try a second line set of drugs. They are thinking Tarceva... anyone have good bad things to share?

we had a brain MRI today but they didnt have the results of that yet. ohhhh well tomorrow maybe

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I hope the break in chemo helps your dad feel better.

Harry had to do that too. He regained some weight a lot more quickly then I thought he would, and his blood counts came up realy well too.

Hoping your dad gets some "rebuilding" going on while he's on his chemo vacation.

Take care,


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