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A year yesterday.


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As much as I miss my father, I cannot get over the grief my mother has been going through this past week. It's all I can do to sit back and watch her knowing there's nothing I can do to make it easier. We marked the day by placing new flowers on his grave as we do ever so often. I cannot believe a year has gone by. Some days it's so hard to be here without him. Nothing has changed. His truck is still parked in the same spot...his clothes are still in his room at their house. It's just still so heartbreaking. I try to tell myself that he wouldn't want us to still be sad, but we all still miss him so much.

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I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time. As for your mom it is different. You are young and despite the loss of your dad you have much left in life to look forward to. Your mom more than likly feels that most of her life and love are behind her. She grieves not just the loss of your dad's life but her own as well.

It will get easier to cope in time even for her but there will always be a spot in your hearts that ache for the sight or the sound or touch of him. Just be there for your mom. Listen when she wants to talk and just let her know that you are there if she needs you. Other than that there is not much else you can do. She has to learn a whole new way of life and it is never easy. God Bless you both.


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Already a year? Seems like just yesterday that we heard about your Dad. I know how your Mom feels and I can imagine how helpless you must feel, as you can't take away her pain. It must be hard for her to see all of your Dad's things, just as they were, every day. I know that many of us that have lost a spouse either moved or redecorated, as facing the same surroundings every day was just too much. Maybe you could help your Mom begin the process of change by offering to help her redecorate...just a little bit at a time. Maybe that would give her something to occupy her mind. The truck must be very hard. I kept Dennis' truck in my driveway for a while and then realized I had to sell it. Every time I would come home and see the truck, I would expect him to be inside. I would think, "Wow, Dennis is home before me today." It really helped when I sold the truck. I know how difficult this is for both of you and I'm saying prayers.

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The loss of our loved ones affects each of us in a different way. From a wife's point of view, I can relate to your mom. It has been nearly a year and a half and I am just now beginning to move some of Mike's things. For me, it is a very slow and still very painful process. It just takes time. Prayers for you and your family , Jen.



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