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Todays The Day! New CT Scan!


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Dear Christyand Darrell,

Congratulations on the shrinkage!!!

That chemo combo kicks @ss, if it can kill my tumor (13.5 x 9 x ? ) massing on removal 13#, it can take the spots off white linoleum and varish off the old chairs! Do just about anything!! if its the right kind of tumor.... I swear by the stuff, what it did for me was nothing short of a miracle. The surgeon and my -ex and many others had pretty much written me off for palliative care. The pancoast tumors, where they spread laterally but don't (at least mine didn't) metastasize I guess are good for this kind of chemo. Tumor shrank away from the edges, including the spine and many of the major nerves and blood vessels (all edges). It was actually nibbling on my spinal vertebrae, after eating a good part of five ribs as an aperatif. Anyway, I digress...

Christy, you and Darrell are blessed.. Thank you for the public service announcement about clots. I had never quite considered the danger ( I didn't consider a lot of things at the time) although I remember being in pneumatic hose that "breathed" as well as super support hose. A friend lost his healthy 35 year old brother due to clots, from an overseas airline flight, so clots are no joke.

I hope all goes well for you, enjoy this respite, may it last long.....

Enjoy little Rink. When I separated from my ex, I had to leave my dogs behind ( big dogs, rental unit, etc). It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I had had dogs since I was 7, and even now being "well" I can't take care of a dog, so I do indeed envy you your big eared friend.

Well, I ramble. I digress. Sorry, it's my weekend without kids, and I have a friend who just lost her SIL to another form of this lousy disease. Anther memorial service.


Got that off my chest.



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Darrell and I are amazed at your story..I mean come on a 13 pound tumor!!!! We keep saying if it can shrink a tumor as big as yours, surely it can destroy his!! You are a big inspiration to everyone!!! I'm sorry you lost your dogs, they really can be a big comfort at times!!! I wish you well and appreciate all of your support! Good luck to you too!!


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