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hi.... tough day tomorrow...anniversaries...


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I ...I know i havent been on here much....

I have been posting to the YWBB and it has been helpful....

I am doing okay for the most part... some days/moments are better than others...

tomorrow will be especially hard for me though...

it is our 9th wedding anniversary and the 10 anniversary of our first date! I actually have to work tomorrow... but will only work 1/2 day as I plan on going to the cemetery and bring flowers and maybe sit for a while...

it closes at 5 so I need to get there before then...

this next week will be tough for me as well...

I had a surgery sched in April when my husband got sick...I had to postpone it...so.. now it is sched for Wed and will be even harder for me b/c he wont be here to support me through it!!

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I was glad to see your post as I have been wondering how you are doing.

Thinking of you today, tomorrow and over the next weeks. Sending prayers for strength and peace as well.

Please let us know how your surgery goes. Will be thinking of you and sending healing prayers.



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Prayers for smooth surgery. I know how hard all of thisis right now and this is a new normal that really does SUCK BIG TIME!!!! I am glad to hear YWBB is helping you out. I had some time spent there also, but got away from it by being here. It is hard to go through all this and it does take a lot of strength to soldier on as I call it. But we do it. YOu have to take care of yourself.

THe Cemetary. I downloaded Google Earth and have DEbs plot marked on there. She is always close by in my mind. MEntally I think this helps me some days. It is good to see a post from you adnI will say a pryer for a great surgery and speedy and full recovery.. RandyW

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I have been wondering how you are.

Not sure if this helps but I became severely ill 1 day after mom died and found out I need surgery. The worst part of it is not the pain, or finding out I should have taken care of it sooner (I couldn't, I had to take care of her!) but she and I have always hated hospitals and needles and now I have to go alone without her comfort or understanding. Just like you are going to have surgery without your husband there. :(

There are no words to express how sorry I am for what you are facing right now... anniversaries, surgery, etc... But I am thinking of you.



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  • 2 weeks later...

thank you everyone...I am sorry I havent been on here in a while...so much to deal with...

I had my surgery last Wed..it all went very well and I am doing better than I thought I would..

it was certainly hard though right before surgery...I was getting anxious about it all and was trying so hard not to think about my husband not being there....I think I would have started balling if I had thought about it too much...I could feel the tears well up...but I made it through...

I am off this week...I will be back at work next week...they have been great with everything... this has been one of the most trying times of my life...losing my husband and then having a hysterectomy 6 weeks later... but it is all over...

time to heal on both accounts....time to try and push forward...

I had to take my ring off for surgery...I havent put it back on yet.... I think I will try and leave it off for now... it is a step I need to be taking...

just one of many....

it is so hard to believe that he is gone and it is now 7 weeks tomorrow....

I went to the cemetery on our anniversary...it was a nice day out...I brought flowers...I cried b/c I just thought that he should have been giving them to me...not me bringing them to put on his grave....

it all seems unfair....life goes on....

thank you again for your concern and support....

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Hi Cindi,

My heart breaks for you as this is still so new to you.

I am so glad your surgery is now behind you and you will be going back to work. But please rest and take care of yourself.

Here is a hug, I feel you can use.


Maryanne :wink:

By the way.... What is the YWBB???

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