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Gratitude -August 17th 2007


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I am grateful for a wonderful lady named Shirley. I do not know her, but 2-1/2 years ago the salesgirl in the furniture store where I have shopped on occasion shared with Shirley, who works there in the accounting office, my health issues. Since THEN Shirley has sent me an inspirational card EACH and EVERY week without fail. Last year when Fred was dx with prostate cancer she added him too.

I'm not 1/2 as good with the friends I know as Shirley is with someone she has never met. So I offer today's gratitude to her!


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I am grateful for My animal shelter rescue Queenie The puppy dawg. Been together for almost 4 hours and she follows me everywhere.. EWWWWWW I have been kissed by a DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol::shock::D:wink: Not sure what she is yet but she is mine!!!!!!!!!!!

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The other night I looked through digital pictures of the past year. I also looked at a couple silly videos taken with the digital camera. Bill and our granddaughter Annabelle. And Bill and my step-son Michael. I'm grateful for technology that not only allows me to see Bill, but hear him and really remember those times.

I'm also grateful to have my Internet back.

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